WinShadow ver.

Posted By: useros

Create a secure remote control session on the Internet or private WAN/LAN network allowing easy access to remote files and applications. Increase productivity by allowing secure remote access for mobile users and system administrators.

Supports multiple simultaneous connections to a single host -excellent for a classroom training or for a conferencing situation. A helpdesk tool allows remote viewing of applications as they are used.

Are your network tools never loaded when you need them? Affordable licensing makes it now possible to have winShadow running on an entire network of PCs. winShadow quietly runs as a small icon in your system tray and is ready when you need it.

Key features of winShadow include:

* Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP
* Supports Internet, WAN/LAN TCP/IP networks and serial/modem connections
* Remote desktop display
* Remote control of keyboard and mouse
* View multiple clients (one to many)
* Integrates with NT/2k/2k3/XP domain user accounts
* Launch remote applications
* File and clipboard transfer
* Secure encrypted mode
* Integrated host discovery tool
* Keyboard/mouse input disabler
* Full-screen capability
* Connection manager for easy deployment in corporate networks