World of Flight

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World of Flight

World of Flight explores the history, people and technology of aviation. It is divided into

four main subjects which are listed on the Content page displayed when starting the

program. These subjects are:

* At War
* At Work
* Flying Machines and Guides.

The background of the Content and subject area screens show scenes from aviation

history, some of which are animated. There is a permanent menu bar across the bottom

of the screen which repeats the four main subjects, plus it has buttons for Content, Index

and Help. "Content" allows users to get back to this main screen, while "Index" allows

them to search for a specific subject and be taken directly to it.

The four subject icons on the Content screen will take users into their particular areas

where submenus offer other choices. These submenus lead into more subdivisions. For

example, in the At War section, users can then choose between The Great War, WWII,

The Jet Age and Deadly Developments. Each of these is then further subdivided. In the

Guides section, there are nine experienced guides who tour users through their area of

expertise. Some examples of these are the flight instructor, the air traffic controller, the

pilot and the mechanic. The information in these sections is good but some of the guides

are unnatural and exaggerated. In addition to these guides, each screen has an icon for

"Bax Facts" which are short commentaries from Gordon Baxter who is a popular

aviation writer.

World of Flight features more than 1,000 photos, 1,000 audio clips, dozens of video clips

and more than 700 interactive articles. Users can meet famous aviators, fly with a stunt

pilot and explore alternate forms of flight. There is a screen-saver feature and a picture

gallery of all the pictures used in the program.

Platform: Win95/Win98/WinMe/WinXP

CD image (bin file):