World of Warcraft Hack Package

Posted By: Louchuck
World of Warcraft Hack Package

World of Warcraft Hack Package
Win OS | 4.5 MB | English

The Utimate World of Warcraft Hack Package has just arrived!

World of Warcraft Invincibility Glitch 1.12.1:

* Kill any mob in the game without any damage done to you!
* Tested and works on ALL World of Warcraft Servers
* Solo Bosses.
* Completely Undetectable
* Solo entire instances at any level
* Guide on NOT getting banned using this

World of Warcraft Buff Timer Hack Program 1.12.1:

* Solo instances that would normally take 5-10man groups!
* Never Get low on Health/Mana! (By locking food/drink/potions/spells that regenerate those areas)
* Say no more to Cooldowns! All spells you 'lock' with the program are instantly cast, or if its a buff (like Warrior's recklessness), it doesn't go away until you logout!
* Only lock the Buffs that you want to keep until logout.
* Get someone to cast Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Renew, or any HoT (Heal over Time) spell and 'lock' it with this program, and watch as the healing never stops! Even better, have an Infinite Power word Shield!
* Power level yourself to 60 in under 24 hours.
* Avoid spell interruption.
* Lock abilities given by potions.
* The possibilities are endless.
* Watch the video below. Notice something strange? Instant Cast Fireballs! :)

World of Warcraft Honor / Reputation Bot 1.12.1:

Would you like to go up in ranking everyday, even while you sleep or are at work? Now you can, with this VERY simple program. Don't be an idiot and pay over $1,000 for someone to PvP for you. Buy this bot and do it yourself!

* Bot works in AB, AV and WSG.
* Get Exalted with AB, AV and WSG!
* Gain Honor 24/7 by being in the BattleGround
* Takes about 5minutes to install and setup..VERY easy!
* You cannot get banned by using this.

200Gold/Hr Guide for World of Warcraft 1.12.1:

* Secret farming spot on ALL servers will get you over 200gold/hour
* Works best with a friend, but can be done by yourself
* Instructional video included!

Bugged Item Creator for World of Warcraft 1.12.1 (free!)

With our software, you will be able to create your very own bugged weapon. Here is how it works:

* Turn any weapon that you have equipped into an bugged item.
* Works on all servers! Since World of Warcraft's item code is the same on all servers, this works on them all!
* Works in 1.12.1
* Very easy to use. Have your very own 'uber' weapon in no time!
* Works on REAL servers. Not emulation or 'private'.
* Retails for $20 by itself, but you get it FREE when you order our 'Hack Pack'!
* Note: We do not support the Hacked Item Creator. Lots of people say they can't get this to work. Everything else we support 100%)