X-Setup Pro ver. 9.0.031 Beta

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X-Setup Pro ver. 9.0.031 Beta

X-Setup Pro ver. 9.0.031 Beta | 4,2 MB

X-Setup Pro is a so-called “hacker” or “tweaker” program. It allows you to change 1,900 settings that are normally hidden deeply in some configuration-files like the registry fast and easily. It's runs on any Windows version, is clutter-free, easy to use, extensible, powerful, covers any aspect of your computer and has more configuration options than any other tweaker.

It's no doubt X-Setup Pro is a powerful utility. But this does not mean that it can only be used by power users. Instead, it includes many features to be as user friendly as possible so everybody can use it.

Using X-Setup Pro Wizards you can change your system in a step-by-step process - that's as easy as A-B-C. If you prefer to go with X-Setup Pro Classic, that's no problem at all: By using an Explorer-like layout and the famous back and next buttons (you already know from your Internet browser) navigation between plugins is very simple.

You can resize the plugin area inside X-Setup Pro Classic to any size you wish to. No more is the text not fully displayed or is the area not big enough to display all items correctly. Simply use the sliders on the left or at the bottom of the plugin and make the area as big or as small as you want.

If you often change the same settings, you can easily define Favorites for as many plugins as you wish. With Favorites, you simply pick the item from the Favorites menu and X-Setup Pro will directly active it.

Because you can do a lot, but not everything with X-Setup Pro, it includes a configurable Programs menu that can easily be expanded. It brings a lot of useful programs links build-in, but you can add, remove or add whatever you want.