Xara Suite 2005 All in One Templates Webstyle & ScreenMaker 3d

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Xara Suite 2005 All in One Templates Webstyle & ScreenMaker 3d

Xara X1 v1.1d Retail
Xara X1 is drawing and illustration software, favored by some of the world's best artists for its speed, versatility and ease of use. It's great for web graphics (all of has been designed using Xara X) as well as incredibly detailed illustrations—you simply would not believe this art was created with vector illustration software.

Xara WebStyle v4.01
Webstyle is the most advanced, easiest-to-use, web graphics tool available today.
Whether you're a time-pressed designer or a complete novice, you can create professional-quality graphics and photos for the web with just the click of a button.
Unlike other template or clipart products, Webstyle’s professionally designed templates are totally customizable, without any loss of quality – giving you almost limitless possibilities. Graphic types range from button bars and banner ads to photo albums and complete page layouts.

Xara3D v6.00 Retail
Number 1 for 3D text and graphics…
Xara3D is so simple to use, literally anyone can produce high quality 3D graphics in minutes.
Both professional web designers and home users choose Xara3D to make still and animated 3D text and graphics, such as logos, titles, headings and buttons.
3D graphics and animations are the perfect way to add impact to your site - and we guarantee there’s no easier way to create them than Xara3D!

Xara Menu Maker v1.1
Dynamic menus in an instant!
Create professional, high-quality NavBars & DHTML menus at the click of a button. Xara Menu Maker takes the mystery out of dynamic hierarchical menus and lets literally anyone create cool and clever DHTML menus with classic graphical NavBars.
All NavBars and Menus on this site are created with Menu Maker.

Xara ScreenMaker3D v1.01 Retail
Create 3D Screensavers in seconds
A 3D screensaver maker that's fast, fun and easy to use. Create animated 3D text message screensavers with your own personalized message. Or put any images of your choice onto the sides of a 3D, tumbling cubes screensaver - ScreenMaker 3D accepts a wide variety of image formats, even AVI movies.
It's the perfect way to share messages or images with friends, family or colleagues - from family photo screensavers to business screensavers with corporate logos.

Extra: Template Packs for Xara Webstyle 4 and Xara ScreenMaker3D! More than 30 MB

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