Xara menu maker 1

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Xara menu maker 1

Xara menu maker 1
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With just a few clicks, you can create stylish navigation bars and professional menus -
and there's no artistic or technical skill required! Menu Maker makes it so easy to add your NavBars
to your web page - even your granny could do it.

* A quick and easy solution
o Menu Maker is a dedicated tool for creating NavBars and menus so there's no UI bloat! Its clean
and simple UI is so intuitive to use that even your grandmother could use it
o Creates dynamic NavBars and menus in just a few clicks
o All necessary JavaScript and HTML is automatically created for you
o Graphics are automatically optimized for the web to keep file sizes small
o Seamless integration with Dreamweaver and FrontPage so you can add and edit Menu Maker NavBars
from within these popular html editors.
* Professionally-designed fully-customizable NavBar templates
o All Menu Maker's NavBar templates are designed by professional graphic artists
o Change color, texture, font, text, background and size with absolutely no loss of quality due to
Xara's world beating vector graphic engine
o Uniquely, buttons automatically stretch and shrink to fit your button text
o Choose from vertical or horizontal NavBar designs
o Customize in real-time so you can view changes instantly
* Create hierarchical DHTML menus
o Vertical or horizontal pop-out menus
o Add animated transitions
o Totally customizable: change colors, fonts, border and spacing
o Uniquely compact menu code produces small file sizes
* Great value for money
o The cheapest professional solution around for NavBars & Menus
o NavBars & menus can be created for multiple sites with no extra payment
o Suitable for designers and webmasters

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