XnView ver.1.90 Alpha

Posted By: FatBuu
XnView is a group of utilities that features viewing, converting, screen capture, slidshow, and Twain support. These utilities support viewing more than 400 graphic formats and can create 52.

XnView has the following other editions available: XnView for Linux, XnView for FreeBSD and XnView for Mac OS X.
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* New panel in browser (tab for favorites, and tabs for info/Metadata)
* Browser custom tooltips like fullscreen/info
* In submenu of toolbar, use of icon
* New toolbar
* Tag system in browser (for convert/slide/rename/webpage/contact sheet/copy to/Move to)
* Database is now used for thumbnail caching
* Famma + sharpen for thumbnail
* Support ICC embedded profile (JPEG)
* Custom label
* Include/Exclude extension
* Option to rebuild embedded thumbnail for JPEG
* Sound in slideshow
* More effects in slideshow
* New option dialog
* Duplicate finder