XP Vista Pack 2007

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XP Vista Pack 2007

XP Vista Pack 2007
Win OS | 14.7 Mb

This definitive Vista resources pack supercedes all Vista cursors and sound packs to date and fixes all the shortcomings of previously released packs by others, including the ones in ie VTP, Sound+Wallpaper AiO etc and all others.

Author's Notes:
XP Vista Pack
by oddbasket

Consists of Vista RTM sound scheme, Aero pointer scheme and all Vista RTM wallpapers 1920x1440 and widescreen 1920x1200.

Aero pointer scheme:
-Without the impractical precision and text select cursors
-Unavailable cursor made with proper transparency
-Normal cursors work with 'Enable Pointer Shadow' option

Vista RTM sound scheme:

-Re-encoded for better volume and clarity
-User Account Control sound used for System Notification instead because the latter was annoying

36 Vista RTM Wallpapers:
-29 1920x1440 wallpapers
-7 1920x1200 widescreen wallpapers

Using XP Vista Pack:
After installation,
1. Choose 'Vista RTM' sound scheme in Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Windows Aero' pointer scheme in Control Panel.
3. Choose a Vista wallpaper in Display Properties.

-Click the 'Unistall' shortcut or go to 'Remove Programs'