Zend Studio 4 – Enterprise Edition Full

Posted By: Alexpal

Есть у нас тут любители ПХП? Если да, то не мне вам объяснять, что такое Zend! Сам работал с ним и, хотя выглядит он на первый взгляд достаточно громоздко и монструозно, но, приноровившись, понимаешь - ВЕЩЬ!
Конечно, многим проще (а может, и привычнее) писать в обычном текстовом редакторе с подсветкой синтаксиса :), но зачем же от лишних удобств отказываться?

Zend Studio 4 Enterprise is the most complete development environment for PHP. It is a full solution that covers the entire development cycle from development, to testing, to staging. You get the full development functionality of Zend Studio 4 Professional, plus unmatched capabilities to monitor, identify and resolve code and application performance issues.
The combination of the leading PHP IDE, with an enterprise-grade testing environment that speeds quality assurance, integration and staging processes, will ensure your software development best practices are maintained efficiently.
Zend Studio 4 Enterprise is the only development solution available that provides everything necessary to build, test and deliver high performance PHP applications.

Pinpoint, Trace & Resolve:
Zend Studio 4 Enterprise uniquely pinpoints bottlenecks and generates reports on script, query and overall application performance. It generates an Audit Trail from which you can assign errors to fellow developers and fix them directly. Debugging can be done directly on the testing/staging platform. The development environment can be customized for increased flexibility. User defined Alert Rules can be created to set specific thresholds for each alert and User Defined Actions can be set to send immediate reports on critical errors via email, or generate XML messages to existing systems such as SMS, bug tracking, CRM, etc.

The Benefits of the Zend Studio Enterprise:
Get the most complete Enterprise development solution for PHP. Zend Studio 4 Enterprise is the new standard in development and testing, featuring the most comprehensive set of development tools for creating highly reliable, enterprise-grade PHP applications. Everything you need to build, test and deliver high performance applications is included!
Speed your development process. Test and debug your application directly on your testing/staging environment and get real time feedback on your code. Code errors and events reported in Zend Central can be automatically loaded and recreated into Zend Studio's award-winning debugger, so they can be fixed before you deploy your application.
Deliver highly reliable applications. Now you can address all your application performance issues or weaknesses before they appear in production. PHP Intelligence assists in Quality Assurance by pinpointing bottlenecks and generating reports on script, query and overall application performance. Resolve reported performance issues by profiling your code, include partial page content caching into your application, and then run it with the Performance Management Module.
Simplify Web database application development and improve query performance. Connect to all major databases, including IBM DB2/Cloudscape, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. You can even connect to several servers simultaneously. Use an integrated suite of database tools and slow-query execution event reporting to drill into data and improve performance. Use the Zend Query Editor to execute queries on connected DB servers. View database schemas and manage content with the Zend SQL Explorer. Monitor, identify and resolve database errors and query performance issues directly from the Zend Central console.
Facilitate team development and team collaboration. Effectively manage your source code with tight CVS integration and through bug identification, reporting and assignment, directly from the Zend Central console. Team oriented development is now made more effective with an automatic Audit Trail for bug reports within your testing or staging environments. Bugs can be directly assigned to developers and fixed directly from the Audit Trail report.
Monitor your application, including code behavior and performance issues in a staging environment. Enhance your existing development environment with a unique testing tool that helps you easily identify potential issues that will occur at runtime. Zend Studio 4 Enterprise allows you to identify runtime problems early on in your application development process by giving you insights on code and application behavior in a staged real life simulation.
Customize your development environment for increased flexibility. Create User-defined Alert Rules to set specific thresholds for each alert. Add User-defined Actions to get immediate reports on critical errors via email, or generate XML messages to existing systems such as SMS, bug tracking, CRM, Helpdesk, and more.
Leverage your existing technology investment. Easily integrate your existing Java applications with your PHP applications. Zend Studio Enterprise's Java Bridge generates the code necessary to develop faster, more stable, and more scalable Java/PHP applications.
Simplify application deployment with FTP and SFTP integration. After having fully developed, tested and bullet-proofed your PHP application, you can securely upload and later download project files transparently to and from remote servers.

High Level Features
Professional IDE w/ Editor, Debugger, and Help
Multi Language Support
Professional Editor
Syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript
NEW! Syntax highlighting for XML & CSS
Code Templates
Support PHP 4 and PHP 5
Advanced Code Completion
PHP Code (+PHPDoc) Analysis
Professional Internal Debugger
NEW! Code Snippets
PHP Code Analyzer
Remote Debugger
Remote Profiler
NEW! Database Connectivity & Integration for: IBM DB2/Cloudscape/ Derby, MySQL, Oracle Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and PostgreSQL
NEW! Set of SQL tools: SQL Query Editor, SQL Explorer, and more.
NEW! PHPDocumentor
FTP (includes NEW Advanced integration)
CVS Integration for Team Development
PHP Intelligence
Scripts Errors & Performance Bottlenecks Reports
Alert Rules
XML Integration
QA/Testing Solution
Staging Platform
Centralized Management Console
Performance API

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