ZoneTick v2.6.6

Posted By: Alexpal

ZoneTick v2.6.6 | 0,35 Mb

ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock displays the times for any amount of different time zones in place of the normal Windows clock. It also allows you to synchronize your clocks with accurate online time-servers.

One of ZoneTick analog skins

The program is very useful when you communicate with people in other parts of the globe: such as your school buddies or friends in other countries, your colleagues in remote offices or in the field, or the home-crowd while you are traveling. It also comes with a time calculator for easy time conversions between time zones.

Time converter simplifies time calculations across timezones

ZoneTick uses graphical skins. This gives you the ability to customize your ZoneTick to fit any desktop style. On top of this, ZoneTick comes with a system of alarms. You can create any amount of alarms, which will either play a sound, display a message, launch an application, or open a web-page at the time of your choosing.

Vertical taskbars are ideal to display many clocks

ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock is perfect for manual eBay sniping. You can display both local and eBay time (Pacific in military format with seconds) simultaneously.

"I have a sniping service, but there are fees associated with it. Additionally there are occasional connection problems. If there is an item I want badly, I will use my service ( and manually snipe at the same time for insurance", one user reported. Use manual sniping as a complementary addition to your sniping service and save on service fees!

ZoneTick proved itself to be a good tool for ham radio users across the globe. "Having both GMT and local time displayed in task bar is very helpful when I am operating", one enthusiast reports.

ZoneTick clock comes with a variety of date and time formatters, which you can set up individually for each clock. For example, you can have military time format for a GMT clock and a 12-hour am/pm format for your local clock. Additionally, you can type in your own formatters if you find a choice of built-in formatters not completely satisfactory.

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