Zoom Search Engine Pro - ver. 4.2

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Zoom Search Engine Pro - ver. 4.2

Zoom Search Engine Professional ver. 4.2 | 4,3 Mb

Zoom is a software package that adds custom searching facilities to your website, CD, or DVD. It provides fast and powerful full-text searching by indexing your website in advance with an user friendly desktop application that allows you to configure and index your site, from the convenience of your Windows computer.

* Easy to use and install, up and running in minutes
* No advertising
* No scripting knowledge or editing required
* No complicated database setup procedure
* No external web service required
* Highly configurable
* Runs on almost all web servers and hosting plans
* PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and CGI support in one package

Provide powerful searching capabilities on your website:

* Search results sorted by relevance or by date
* Wildcard searching (eg. "zo?m", "*zoom*")
* Exact phrase searching*
* "Google-like" context search results*
* Highlight words found in search results
* Provide spelling suggestions* and synonyms
* Exclusion/negative searches
* Capable of serving up to 300 queries per minute
* Log all searches made on your website and generate detailed pie-charts and graphical statistic reports* so you know what your visitors are looking for
* Search inside DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, RTF, and WPD files (requires plugins).
* Search a Flash-based site. Index SWF and FlashPaper files (requires plugin).
* Completely customizable search page appearance with HTML and CSS templates
* International language support (various charset support, UTF-8, accent, diacritic and ligature options, translated search pages and more)

* Features not available for Javascript version