ZtreeWin ver.1.60

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ZtreeWin ver.1.60

ZtreeWin ver.1.60 | 1,47 MB

ZTreeWin is a text-mode file/directory manager for all versions of Windows 95 and later (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP & VISTA). Sorry, it does not run under DOS! It has been developed as the successor to the legendary DOS file-manager XTreeGold ™, which its owners have abandoned in today's GUI-centric computing world. Anyone who has used that remarkable program would be aware of its superior capabilities as a text-mode, tree-structured file-manager - but would also likely be aware that its limited memory support, and lack of long filename support are today a major issue.
ZTreeWin is a 32-bit Windows program that has been developed to provide all the powerful functionality of the past (and much more!), while avoiding the limitations of the old DOS-based program. A few advantages of ZTreeWin:

* No 640K memory barrier…log an unlimited number of disks and files
* Support for long file and directory names
* Full support of third-party archivers, with most popular programs preconfigured out of the box.