Benediction - Scriptures (2020)

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Benediction - Scriptures (2020)

Benediction - Scriptures (2020)
United Kingdom | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 113 MB
Death Metal | Label : Nuclear Blast

After more than 30 years in the business and 12 years after their last album "Killing Music", BENEDICTION are now back with one of their best releases and play once again in the Death Metal Champions League.The new album "Scriptures" sounds 100% like BENEDICTION: they blend death metal with a "fuck-off punk rock attitude", heavy metal riffing and a groove that hardly any other band can perform like this. Dave Ingram's "signature-growls" and powerful lyrics enhance the tonal framework so that you can hear after a few notes that you are listening to BENEDICTION. As usual the tracks vary from slow and heavy to fast and intense, from shorter "in your face" numbers to epic masterpieces.


1. Iterations of I
2. Scriptures in Scarlet
3. The Crooked Man
4. Stormcrow
5. Progenitors of a New Paradigm
6. Rabid Carnality
7. In Our Hands, the Scars
8. Tear Off These Wings
9. Embrace the Kill
10. Neverwhen
11. The Blight at the End
12. We Are Legion

Total playing time 46:50