Hiidenhauta - Riivin (2020)

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Hiidenhauta - Riivin (2020)

Hiidenhauta - Riivin (2020)
Finland | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 94 MB
Melodic Black Metal | Label : Inverse Records

Hiidenhauta, who plays folk-influenced black metal, has released his third studio album through Inverse Records. Hiidenhauda's third album, “Riivin”, is most easily compartmentalized in folk-influenced black metal, but above all it is a balanced ensemble of Finnish devil that exudes the band's ability to regenerate and transform. Once again, Hiidenhauta is like a story he created: earthy, raw, angry, but also sounding like the endless beauty of nature.


1. Riidenlieko
2. Lettorikko
3. Raate
4. Petäjä
5. Leväkkö
6. Halava
7. Yövilkka
8. Ahonoidanlukko
9. Harmio

Total playing time 41:22