Win XP Lite 2006 Corp

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Win XP Lite 2006 Corp

279 mb

Win XP Lite 2006 Corp iSO BOOTABLE
Sick of bloat? read on.
Full unattended install.(after initial blue screen boot up BS, sit back and relax)No cd key required.(built in)
No activation.NO INTERNET EXPLORER!(have a cd ready with your favorite browser on it if you want to surf) hint: Firefox
All drivers have been retained.All networking components intact.No balloons pop ups.TCP/IP Patch installed(allowing 100 connections, as opposed to the default 10 in winXP SP2,which may help bittorrent speeds)NO “send error messages to Mcft”NO help BS.

Shoot Like a Pro! Digital Photography Techniques Pdf 8.36mb

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Shoot Like a Pro! Digital Photography Techniques     Pdf 8.36mb

Produce the kind of images that would otherwise demand a professional photographer or darkroom-;or both. Through a series of tutorial projects, author Julie Adair King shows readers how to light shots, choose the right camera settings, use camera accessories and photographic software, and much more. You'll learn step-by-step to use your existing digital camera for professional results. Set up a home studio, create a 360-degree panoramic image, learn low light and action photography, work in black and white, and adopt many other professional techniques.