Escape from Paradise 1.01

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Escape from Paradise 1.01

Escape from Paradise 1.01
Simulation | 30 MB | English
by gogii games 2008

A luxury cruise ship crashes on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. The survivors of the shipwreck are very different from one another and decide to set up their own camps all over the island. Your goal is to find the pieces to a lost radio,and hoist it on the top of the volcano located in the center of the main island. While exploring the main island, you can find items; participate in activities like fishing, gathering wood, and look for hidden treasures. Alliance can be made with other castaways to help you in your quest.

Escape from Paradise 1.01

Providing a balance of real-time resource management with concrete goals to progress through might be just the formula Escape from Paradise needs to appeal to fans of both gameplay styles. With 50 castaways to collect, 17 mini-games to master, and more than 30 challenges to complete, it promises to be an entertaining journey.

* 5 Major Games wrapped into 1 great adventure
* 12 additional Mini games
* Over 25 Challenges

System requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB

Mini-game challenges will also pop up on the map from time to time in story mode, and you can also play them on their own from the main menu. In the mini-games, you compete against the natives in games of skill such as checkers, shuffle board and rock toss to unlock new items for your tribes and earn resources and skill points to distribute among your villagers. There are tribal-themed variations on a number of popular casual games, including a Sudoku clone called Tribuku, a match-three called Ship Wrecked, and the Diner Dash-inspired Furious Feast.


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