Quench - June 2015

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Quench - June 2015

Quench - June 2015
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Adding new life to your cocktails by using wine. BY SARAH PARNIAK
Confused by tasting note descriptions? You aren’t the only one. BY LISA HOEKSTRA
The long and winding road of Nova Scotia’s wine scene. BY SEAN WOOD
Is Cabernet Franc destined to become a mainstay BC — dare I say Canadian — red? BY TIM PAWSEY
Pinot Blanc: the “where have you been all my life” wine. BY MICHAEL PINKUS
After two devastating winters, will science save the Niagara region? BY RICK VANSICKLE
What does it take to become a real bartender (or is it mixologist)? BY TOD STEWART
Experimenting with one of Canada’s most famous dishes. BY DUNCAN HOLMES
Mixing it up for the summer. BY ROSEMARY MANTINI

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