Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings Complete v1.1 KONTAKT

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Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings Complete v1.1 KONTAKT

Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings Complete v1.1 KONTAKT | 178 Gb

Modern Scoring Strings is an all new 60 piece “a2″ divisi (2 parts divisi per section) string library that has been painstakingly developed by recording different divisi sections (a half a section at a time) on a beautiful sounding scoring stage giving you unprecedented control of each instrument and section. The breadth of articulations and bowing techniques were chosen to offer an enormous range of colors and emotions for your productions.

Since the release of LA Scoring Strings in 2009, we have been asked repeatedly when Audiobro will release a new or updated strings library. We have always said that we would do it only as soon as we believed that we could push the quality and versatility of strings sampling forward a generation. We think you’ll agree that we have.

Modern Scoring Strings Library Size:
About 131GB with lossless compressed audio files (approximately 160GB uncompressed). 140GB required during installation for the entire 130GB library.

Modern Scoring Strings Expanded Legato Library Size:
About 60GB with lossless compressed audio files (approximately 80GB uncompressed). 70GB required during installation for the entire 60GB library.

Minimum System Requirements:
-Requires Kontakt Player 6.0.4 or later.

Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part01.rar 08ADD0CE
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part02.rar 6DF6FF98
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part03.rar BFE667C4
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part04.rar 469C6714
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part05.rar 33AF28B2
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part06.rar C1A8B55A
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part07.rar B727F32C
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part08.rar F6069F20
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part09.rar 79978CC4
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part10.rar 8AA38BF7
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part11.rar 5352CD10
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part12.rar E0ED334C
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part13.rar 155188AA
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part14.rar 4CB63E99
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part15.rar 2A88C5EA
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part16.rar 06E96055
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part17.rar 7BA85EAB
Audiobro.Modern.Scoring.Strings.Complete.part18.rar 194DA82D