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Cadence XCELIUM version 19.09.001

Posted By: scutter
Cadence XCELIUM version 19.09.001

Cadence XCELIUM version 19.09.001 | 8.6 Gb
Updated: Reupload due to fatal CRC error. Please download all blocks.
Thank you for understanding.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. , the leader in global electronic design innovation, has unveiled XCELIUM 19.09.001 is part of the Cadence Verification Suite and supports the company’s Intelligent System Design strategy, enabling pervasive intelligence and faster design closure.

1524869 CORE_AMSD irun always compile elaborate even though nothing changes
1714279 CORE_AMSD svams fails with multiple global supply error
1806840 CORE_AMSD update the xmvlog: *F,NOECBF error message to aid in MS binding debug
1833710 CORE_AMSD Request for a tool command switch to locate the AMSD directory - bigger picture: need ability to control compiled IP
1861595 CORE_AMSD duplicate port specification at Verilog/SV and SPICE boundary causes SFE-46 error - request better error message
1872810 CORE_AMSD Cannot bind Verilog module to Spice when using bus ports
1917425 CORE_AMSD SVRNM: Support SIE models with mixed-language net connections
1920228 CORE_AMSD Support Electrical signals as control signals in CPF
1922547 CORE_AMSD Xcelium AMS: xmsim: *E,SYFATAL : `$clog2' - Unsupported system task/function.
1932145 CORE_AMSD SV nets with custom resolution function don't find SVAMS CMs when connected to electrical modules
1952400 CORE_AMSD Need rnm_coerce on switch that is complementary to rnm_coerce off
1966486 CORE_AMSD RNM Debug: Question about creating a breakpoint on a wreal signal/port using TCL stop command
1976222 CORE_AMSD RNM Debug: Question about creating a strobe on a wreal signal using TCL strobe command
1992798 CORE_AMSD $SIE_input is used on a port with EEnet, all the real pins in the block. On the top level but the values is not computed
1999555 CORE_AMSD Provide a switch to downgrade PIEMRSG error to warning
2029773 CORE_AMSD Scoped ie card with nettype causes E,CUVNCM (No connection module found) error
2031032 CORE_AMSD Valid spice OOMR's are ignored with autospiceoomr option
2038143 CORE_AMSD Unexpected UDFUOBJ and CSNIHT when using a rmn custom vct in 3-steps
2039056 CORE_AMSD CUVMCP: Recursive multiple concatenation for digital block
2040324 CORE_AMSD xmvlog -zparse dumps different file content for 32bit and 64bit
2042492 CORE_AMSD INTERR: sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr(0xc5) in cu_xvlog_cmp_signature
2048928 CORE_AMSD LPS(UPF) - 18.09-s005 improper exit - control signals is resolved as electrical by DR optimization
2050293 CORE_AMSD Allow hierarchical reference in create_power_nets and create_ground_nets commands in CPF
2050653 CORE_AMSD more intelligent discipline resolution default logic assignment for designs that do not require disres
2050926 CORE_AMSD Degradation in Xcelium vs Incisive – related to RL_bidir.vams update in Xcelium
2051145 CORE_AMSD MSIE+SVRNM: Internal error during elaboration with RNM coercion
2051355 CORE_AMSD xrun in multi step compile need to find AMSCOMM automatically
2052942 CORE_AMSD W, AMSNLOG is not expected for a design with no MS content
2055893 CORE_AMSD Invoke SimVision standalone also checking out Xcelium_SC_DMS_Option along with "Affirma_sim_analysis_env
2059987 CORE_AMSD Call of schematic in Standalone invocation of simvision checkouts Xcelium_SC_DMS_option feature
2062579 CORE_AMSD XMELAB improper tool exit with message update_power_domain - invalid power domain
2064157 CORE_AMSD Spurious AMSNLG warning with "xcelium.d.rtl", used with -xmlibdirname.
2067227 CORE_AMSD MSDEBUG: Parameters which are expressions should be displayed in evaluated form
2067233 CORE_AMSD VerilogAMS analogmodel instances currently not processed for schematic/symbol rendering
2067237 CORE_AMSD Remove current probes from instance parameter string in schematic tracer
2067245 CORE_AMSD MSDEBUG: Remove requirement of -snapshot option when invoking Simvision with MSDEBUG flow
2067260 CORE_AMSD MSDEBUG: add r3 model type to analog primitive/symbol binding flow
2068580 CORE_AMSD How to remove '2 Virtuoso_Multi_mode_Simulation' from license options
2068725 CORE_AMSD outstanding error *E,WUDNSP in xcelium
2069860 CORE_AMSD AMSD : Inverter instance is not inverting the input
2070700 CORE_AMSD Customer experiencing internal error in xmelab
2072986 CORE_AMSD Invalid BNDERC with reused design
2074309 CORE_AMSD Improve the CCSNAN error message on real variable
2076507 CORE_AMSD xrun (xmelab) Internal Exception error in mixed-signal design
2078600 CORE_AMSD BNDERC error when accessing SV UDN struct through virtual interface
2081094 CORE_AMSD AMS fails when DPI-C is used with Spice On top
2081717 CORE_AMSD DMS CPF testcase unresponsive at elaboration stage; stuck at amspwrParsePrimaryPGNets()
2094541 CORE_AMSD add an option to disable PIEMRSG error during elaboration on selected nets
2096150 CORE_AMSD Getting 'xmsim: *E,SYFATAL : $clog2' - Unsupported system task/function' in an AMS-SV run
2100481 CORE_AMSD Remove sqrt DPI import from EE_pkg.sv file
2102256 CORE_AMSD Using genvar in a generate block with OOMR gives wrong results
2107390 CORE_AMSD XMELAB: ams_add_to_td_list - parent data already in child internal exception error
2110197 CORE_AMSD Elaborator tries to insert isolation cell for nets already having level shifter and isolation as a part of functionality
2112683 CORE_AMSD Elaboration trapno -1 : xmelab internal error during mixed signal IP Reuse(via VIPER) flow for top-level MS verification
2118373 CORE_AMSD Need xrun option to print soft error and allow pure SV elaboration for real port connected to logic variable
2119598 CORE_AMSD Internal exception xmelab message ams_mk_disciplinep - no discipline
2123550 CORE_AMSD FATAL error for mixed language testcase using $SEI_input function
2124348 CORE_AMSD Using ams_weak_setd argument with xrun the elaboration fails with internal error
2125767 CORE_AMSD AMS - Boundary port domains are not honored for macro CPF level in AMS
2128439 CORE_AMSD Analog signal being used as isolation control gives CCSNAN error
2130053 CORE_AMSD Downgrade errors PIEMASG and PIEMRSG to warnings
2130482 CORE_AMSD Elaboration internal error related to mixed signal on boundary with VHDL 3 party VIP
2132024 CORE_AMSD Virtuoso Verilogams Import: Symbol default parameter values are not properly
2134796 CORE_AMSD Internal exception error in AMS Low Power simulation with stack trace in ams_pwr_get_active_ordinary_id and ams_pwr_get
2024207 CORE_ASSERTION disabled_count being incremented by 1000
2047372 CORE_ASSERTION elaboration performance - NY HDC xTb
2048572 CORE_ASSERTION Behavior of assertion change between 18.12 to 19.10 xcelium version
2050689 CORE_ASSERTION ABVCTR warning does not have enough debug info
2082175 CORE_ASSERTION xrun elab Internal Exception error when using $assertoff in code
2083911 CORE_ASSERTION Builtin system function <> not yet implemented
2115770 CORE_ASSERTION Simulation deadlock in 19.03 whereas it finishes in 18.03 stream.
2120328 CORE_ASSERTION Internal Exception Error during compile/elab of design
1546294 CORE_CODEGEN Provide detailed information on COD generation for UVM/SV code
2015627 CORE_CODEGEN Need to show srandom calls in dbg_seed tracing
2029801 CORE_CODEGEN ncvlog_cg internal error 'gq_gen - SVHR type mismatch'
2032408 CORE_CODEGEN Internal exception on 18.09-002, Incisive works OK
2045028 CORE_CODEGEN NCSIM Internal exception with message "Continuous Assignment: (File: XX)"
2055953 CORE_CODEGEN xmvlog_cg *F, SOPARM causes a elaboration failure
2059348 CORE_CODEGEN xmvlog_cg internal error gq_mvlabel - no blocks
2067489 CORE_CODEGEN Urgent issue: ncsim MESSAGE: T(0): sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr(0x15b)
2069665 CORE_CODEGEN Internal error at xmvlog-cg stage "gq_pop_constraint - wrong identifier"
2085557 CORE_CODEGEN xmelab: *E,CUVCGF: Code generation for worklib.uvm_pkg:sv <0x41231003> failed.
2086044 CORE_CODEGEN elaboration internal error due to uvm_ml_adapter_imp with 19.03
2093570 CORE_CODEGEN Xcelium causes infinity loop.
2099673 CORE_CODEGEN xmvlog_cg, *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION gq_finalize_stuck_at_behavior
2105078 CORE_CODEGEN Provide detailed information on COD generation for UVM/SV code
2119072 CORE_CODEGEN xmvlog_cg internal exception error with - gq_e_concatenation - word not a tab
2123186 CORE_CODEGEN PERF : C function svh_castcheck is required to be inlined for standard classes.
1319528 CORE_COVERAGE Toggle coverage for mod ports inside interface needed
1323358 CORE_COVERAGE Change expression table for control scoring to take into account short circuiting
1326704 CORE_COVERAGE support for toggle coverage for modports needed
1326710 CORE_COVERAGE Toggle coverage support for I/F and modport ports for a module needed
1658614 CORE_COVERAGE Request interface/modport ports toggle coverage for a module
1774085 CORE_COVERAGE Unsupported bins-with syntax
1776287 CORE_COVERAGE coverage pragma not turning off expression coverage when vector scoring is enabled
1785632 CORE_COVERAGE CNDIR expanded message does not include all reasons why directory cannot be created
1835393 CORE_COVERAGE Request Toggle Coverage Support for MDA of enums
1860437 CORE_COVERAGE CNDIR expanded error does not tell user about exceeding linux character limit for directory name
1866993 CORE_COVERAGE Add support for toggle coverage in instantiated SV interfaces (modports).
1883615 CORE_COVERAGE Request interface/modport ports toggle coverage for a module
1927517 CORE_COVERAGE Adding ignore bin to covergroup causes simulation slowdown 10x
1938068 CORE_COVERAGE CGBNOL warning even though there is no overlapping bins
1938323 CORE_COVERAGE Internal exception when using set_refinement_resilience and -v200x
1949340 CORE_COVERAGE Smarter analysis of statically unhittable expression terms in control coverage
1949550 CORE_COVERAGE Need support toggle coverage for I/F modport
1958659 CORE_COVERAGE Need option to do pure type-based code coverage to reduce memory footprint
1961787 CORE_COVERAGE expression coverage not scored properly when $unsigned system function used in expression
1971851 CORE_COVERAGE SOP expression with nested ternary doesn't seem to be correct
1972669 CORE_COVERAGE I want to turn on block coverage, but not per-instance block coverage. I only want type coverage. I don't see any way
1976155 CORE_COVERAGE Add support for toggle coverage of interface modports
2029089 CORE_COVERAGE vManager improper exit - Can't open coverage analysis.
2034354 CORE_COVERAGE Internal exception when excluding signals w/ -ere
2041623 CORE_COVERAGE FSM arc is not scored but it must be according to the code
2044564 CORE_COVERAGE Coverage merging consumes excessive amount of memory, causing improper tool exit
2045250 CORE_COVERAGE merge of parameterized vector signal shows incorrect range in Variables Pane
2045953 CORE_COVERAGE expression is marked uncovered when function call used in one term of the expression
2047082 CORE_COVERAGE xmsim INTERR when -conditional left out of set_expr_coverable_operators
2047525 CORE_COVERAGE Incorrect number of bins detected in a cross cover point
2056560 CORE_COVERAGE vManager client crush on coverage merge
2058058 CORE_COVERAGE Coverpoint sampling issue on element of an array of packed struct
2058912 CORE_COVERAGE xmsim INTERR when enabling enum array toggle coverage
2060713 CORE_COVERAGE (Update) FSM Coverage Analysis in IMC show some transitions as uncovered even when the waveform shows the transition
2061258 CORE_COVERAGE xrun of previously existing snapshot with coverage enabled causes INTERR
2062508 CORE_COVERAGE bad coverage when function used in expression coverage with set_glitch_strobe
2066940 CORE_COVERAGE Getting issue in dumping code coverage data base. Using TOOL: xmsim(64) 18.03-s009
2073618 CORE_COVERAGE INTERNAL ERROR on coverage dumping phase
2075107 CORE_COVERAGE IMC FSM transition coverage not being scored correctly
2086118 CORE_COVERAGE smart_refine: Smart exclusion wrongly excludes extra struct signal
2096860 CORE_COVERAGE expression is marked uncovered when function call used in one term of the expression and vector scoring is enabled
2097632 CORE_COVERAGE Internal exception during xmvlog_cg
2122445 CORE_COVERAGE Coverage model generation iterates over unnecessary instances
2123812 CORE_COVERAGE code coverage causes INTERR
2136896 CORE_COVERAGE INTERR xmvlog_cg: Unexpected signal #11, program terminated (null)
2152595 CORE_COVERAGE Incorrectly reported overlap bins warning CGBNOL
784355 CORE_ELAB Solve…before on array size results in EXPITT error
800341 CORE_ELAB solve…before on array size results in EXPITT error
883078 CORE_ELAB Please enhance the solve before with hierarchical_identifier
1324913 CORE_ELAB Solve…before on array size results in EXPITT error
1368171 CORE_ELAB ncelab: *E,CUINFI
1436418 CORE_ELAB SOPARM error/extended error need improvement
1469574 CORE_ELAB celab: *E,INNOTR :: initializing Virtual interface using interface instance created inside vhdl_entity
1492654 CORE_ELAB *E,INNOTR when SV i/f bind into VHDL + uvm_config_db::set
1524645 CORE_ELAB OOPR to interface enhancement request
1579575 CORE_ELAB Support OOPR for interfaces
1634615 CORE_ELAB SV interface binding issue
1650687 CORE_ELAB ncelab internal error when trying to blackbox/bbconect a module thats getting binded
1696049 CORE_ELAB ncelab: *E,INNOTR :: initializing Virtual interface using interface instance created inside vhdl_entity
1738799 CORE_ELAB Please enhance CUVPOM error to report module/instance name that has the bad port connection
1739297 CORE_ELAB SVBMUF error message should provide hints to use instance binding
1748131 CORE_ELAB xmvlog: *E,EXPITT (): Expecting a variable of an integral type
1750253 CORE_ELAB Support assignment to interface member from one primary to another
1769185 CORE_ELAB SVBDUPI error when instance is already bound when using -libmap or -compcnfg with -nncbind
1781601 CORE_ELAB TYCMPAT error does not have enough information to debug
1784412 CORE_ELAB Enhance CUVUNF error to print out instance path of the module which caused the error
1791127 CORE_ELAB misleading error message regarding non-constant operand assigned to parameter using $sformatf.
1796309 CORE_ELAB Enhance CUVUNF error to include instance name of problematic block with the OOMR
1805208 CORE_ELAB EXPITT with solve x before y.size
1817219 CORE_ELAB CUVUNF elab error on single irun MSIE when adding unrelated bind statement to the CU
1857733 CORE_ELAB Elaboration not giving required warnings when using sv configs
1874113 CORE_ELAB NOTDOT for member select of interface port
1875070 CORE_ELAB VCFGUUR not generated without -libverbose
1884386 CORE_ELAB VCFGUUR warning message when running with SV configuration and MSIE single irun
1895568 CORE_ELAB xmvlog: *E,EXPITT: Expecting a variable of an integral type.
1918227 CORE_ELAB verilog config or libmap file not working as expected, need better ERROR message
1940736 CORE_ELAB Enhancement req. xmelab: *E,DSSUFE (MSIE) Unsupported formal expression in port connection
1946347 CORE_ELAB Regarding xmelab NOTDOT error
1946468 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *W,EVBPRM: bad parameter value in (-gpg) association (pp => /abc/e).
1951019 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *E,NOTDOT when using $bits on svi signal
1952799 CORE_ELAB configverbose - add first level module where liblist is applied to
1972366 CORE_ELAB xrun internal exception
1981029 CORE_ELAB Confusing error message TYCMPAT for misspelled symbol
1990706 CORE_ELAB Xcelium config liblist does not warn about non-existent library
1990879 CORE_ELAB Unable to understand the warning from MSIE v2k config support warnings
1990908 CORE_ELAB VPI returns wrong lib name when queried for hierarchical vpiConfig property
1993592 CORE_ELAB OOMR to a VHDL object specified in SV force is not supported .
1993606 CORE_ELAB CUIMBC error with interfaces
1997972 CORE_ELAB Support for unpacked structure as a datatype for mailbox
1999322 CORE_ELAB cross language boundaries for binding of modules issues CUOOMR
1999668 CORE_ELAB VHDL bind with SV interface does not work
2000057 CORE_ELAB Calling $size on VHDL to check array size not supported
2008334 CORE_ELAB Elab failing (internal exception) with xcelium 18.03-s009 version: MESSAGE: if_alloc - <= 0 bytes
2010489 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *E,MULAXX
2010492 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *E,ICDPAV
2010510 CORE_ELAB Need ability to turn on -warnmax 0 for specific mnemonics
2013123 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *E,CUCIHD : Class inheritance hierarchy instantiation depth (100) exceeded.
2023054 CORE_ELAB Internal error on final incremental snapshot build with multiple primtop
2030554 CORE_ELAB localparam bug in Xcelium version 2018.07.001_agile
2033383 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *F,SOPARM (<..filename..>): Special otp not parameter (529).
2033506 CORE_ELAB struct used for mailbox not supported
2034450 CORE_ELAB (MSIE) :Report error for inconsistency for vhdlsync option with incremental partition
2036510 CORE_ELAB CUPARF on parameter evaluation for a virtual class
2037928 CORE_ELAB elaboration becomes slower at "CHECKPOIN 15 (after cu_doic1)"
2040953 CORE_ELAB config uses incorrect libraries for binding
2041148 CORE_ELAB elaboration performance
2041621 CORE_ELAB Improper tool exit during elaboration when MSIE is enabled. addr(0xc058)
2041752 CORE_ELAB erroneous CUIOAI error message generated when referencing hierarchical reference inside generate block
2041824 CORE_ELAB RTL test case Internal Exception during build with Xcelium EHF versions 19.01-a001-20190110 & 19.02.a001.20190117
2042106 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *E,CUVUNF error in single step MSIE for out of module reference inside uvm class from module
2044181 CORE_ELAB Improper tool exit during Elaboration on 18.09-s06 (also tested with agile release18.12-a01) used in 64 bit mode
2045358 CORE_ELAB Internal error - xmelab/LP - via_get_corresponding_interface_highconn_object
2047186 CORE_ELAB Elab takes 3 hours for digital case with generate and array
2048857 CORE_ELAB Internal exception error with Auto MSIE
2050063 CORE_ELAB (Dynamic Test) *E,DLNORD codegen error
2051239 CORE_ELAB internal elaboration error with signature: cu_xrenumber_tablet() - We depend upon a tablet which has NULL upscope
2053714 CORE_ELAB Incremental snapshot build taking long time in SDF testcase
2053914 CORE_ELAB MSIE, a tool failure for elaboration
2054328 CORE_ELAB Breakpoint issue
2056479 CORE_ELAB xmsim Internal Exception error: MESSAGE: svh_find_itable_entry : Entry for uvm_reg not found inside uvm_reg_map
2057238 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *F,SVBDUPI (./m1.sv,14
2057556 CORE_ELAB (Dynamic Test) xmsim Internal Exception error with $fseek
2057967 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *E,DSSUFE (./aa.v,1
2058175 CORE_ELAB internal elaboration error with test case that passes in GREEN
2058226 CORE_ELAB Unexpected CUVUNF on sum with expression without valid array type.
2059186 CORE_ELAB elab performance slow with varying delay in the tran
2059192 CORE_ELAB xmelab NOTDOT with $bits usage in Hierarchical name not allowed within a constant expression
2059754 CORE_ELAB xmelab DYNGPE hierarchical reference from one primary to another primary
2061079 CORE_ELAB SARC : Error SVBMIM on primary build
2061081 CORE_ELAB Huge performance overhead on incremental partition build due to class specialization unification
2061083 CORE_ELAB Code generation exception error on incremental build : gq_datatype_write_net - vbits/!TAB or CAB
2062214 CORE_ELAB Internal exception error when DPI-C is used in parameter declaration.
2064406 CORE_ELAB improper tool exit during elaboration
2065074 CORE_ELAB xrun internal error when putting multiple pacakges as ancillary tops in single primary makeprim
2065413 CORE_ELAB 2 dimension array parameter value was overwritten incorectly in generate block
2066071 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *F,SVMLED: System virtual memory limit exceeded.
2066396 CORE_ELAB Elab won't finish, more than 24 hours
2066567 CORE_ELAB internal elab error related to interface in1803/1809/1903 consistently
2066608 CORE_ELAB -betaperf causes Int. Exception Message: cu_vifc_xtrack_semantically_single_caller_pass1 - fork-join/ no function-task
2070092 CORE_ELAB Wrong error: MULAXX Multiple drivers to always_comb
2074866 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION : MESSAGE: ddict_create - called whem ddict system is not ready
2076661 CORE_ELAB MSIE improper tool exit while running incremental: xmelab: *F,SVMLED: System virtual memory limit exceeded
2076817 CORE_ELAB xmsim crash with fseek function
2082054 CORE_ELAB Customer seeing E,CSGMSS on 19.03.002. Are there any options to avoid this error?
2091854 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION error observed with partition compile
2096382 CORE_ELAB Internal exception during elab when migrating from Incisive to Xcelium
2096802 CORE_ELAB Internal Exception during HAL linting with message sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr((nil))
2098035 CORE_ELAB XCELIUM tool crashes during elaboration stage
2098193 CORE_ELAB MESSAGE: sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr((nil))
2099168 CORE_ELAB MSIE fails on TYCMPAT however MONO works well
2099984 CORE_ELAB xrun: *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION in incremental build of parallel build
2100331 CORE_ELAB msie build suffers with internal exception sv_seghandler
2102923 CORE_ELAB xrun internal exception error when trying to recompile a design
2104850 CORE_ELAB parameterized classes show different default values when compared, casting fails for valid case
2107394 CORE_ELAB internal exception sv_seghandler found at elaboration
2107479 CORE_ELAB Wrong behavior with binds while trying to connect a port that doesnt exist in parent/destination module
2110252 CORE_ELAB TBBLDF error generated when xrun ran with -dpiheader and -errorchk 3
2110422 CORE_ELAB ivia_pair_sanity_check - vst and ot mismatch : Internal Exception
2120013 CORE_ELAB Internal error occurred during elaboration
2120561 CORE_ELAB VHDL internal error during elaboration, while accessing records
2121543 CORE_ELAB xmelab INTERR : cu_sigpv after adding (-lps_sv_interface_port_enh, -lps_viso)
2123853 CORE_ELAB xmelab: *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION cu_dvpm_get_fsigid_offset - unexpected nettmp_vhdl_driver
2125159 CORE_ELAB error in passing interface through modules instantiations in generate block
2125201 CORE_ELAB liblist based configuration reported via -configverbose
2128391 CORE_ELAB VHDL Elaboration internal error with vserror
2134152 CORE_ELAB Unexpected CUVUNF in hierarchical reference primary to incremental
1893032 CORE_GLS multi-Tiered hierarchical gate level model Flop not properly propagating value unless probed
1919947 CORE_GLS SDF annotations are different with Incisive and Xcelium
1925395 CORE_GLS SDF annotation result different between IRUN and XRUN gate level simulation
1935454 CORE_GLS INTERCONNECT multi source int delays does not annotate correctly.
1957682 CORE_GLS How to set pulse control to specific instance/module
1969101 CORE_GLS (GLS enhancement) Warning message is for ignored INTERCONNECT delay.
2013577 CORE_GLS xmelab: *W,TRNDELAY: Moving the Interconnect delay on net :TB:uut_TOP.top_ana_inst.RESET_inst.IOFT outside of the tran n
2019809 CORE_GLS GLS : Simulation result is incorrect, even if same SnapShot is used.
2020904 CORE_GLS SDF annotation not matching in Incisive and Xcelium
2034441 CORE_GLS gate simulation issue with improper SDF interpretation.
2036455 CORE_GLS Internal Exception during elaboration when using SDFs with Negative delay and -negdelay
2037098 CORE_GLS 18.09-s006, Internal Exception error during elaboration using SDFs with Negative delay and -negdelay
2048697 CORE_GLS "-entrandelay" option make iopath delay 0.01ns shorter
2063312 CORE_GLS Xcelium with options "ENGATECDPMO -tch_stap_cnt 2 -enable_town" shows strange behavior
2065408 CORE_GLS csi-xmelab - CSI: *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION with sv_sighandler - trapno -1 ((nil))
2066386 CORE_GLS tranif0/1 delay behaves like Rise/Fall, instead of ON/OFF
2067576 CORE_GLS GLS sim tool exception error
2071019 CORE_GLS resetting and rerunning gatelevel simulations with dynamic SDF annotation results in SDFNET warnings
2086430 CORE_GLS tfile could not work normally
2090421 CORE_GLS Hold time timing violation with huge hold value, negative timing calculated by tool seems not correct
2094261 CORE_GLS (MSIE) INTERR, MESSAGE: ptrblk: rwire is supply
2098602 CORE_GLS Internal Error during running $dumpvars
2109169 CORE_GLS Issue with backannotation - Signals become undefined when crossing the scope of the design
2109373 CORE_GLS Internal error during simulation when SDF is annotated.
2114692 CORE_GLS xmelab Internal Exception with sv_seghandler -trapno -1 addr message
2119856 CORE_GLS Internal exception during gate level elaboration.
2121369 CORE_GLS continuous assignment does not work for unpacked dimension signal
2125696 CORE_GLS xmelab: *W,SDFRDE: Read error for default code, skipping annotation of chip_top.verilog.sdf.worst.gz.X.
2147716 CORE_GLS Difference in SDF annotation seen between Xcelium and Incisive
1548136 CORE_LP support VHDL attributes to define RTL parts as always_on
1640256 CORE_LP Support isolation in SV interfaces
1649309 CORE_LP SVI arrays are not supported in low power simulations (UPF)
1686816 CORE_LP support of create_power_state_group along with all new -supply/-group… options in add_power_state
1701277 CORE_LP Enhance IES to support the same supply net in both RTL and UPF
1724973 CORE_LP UPF: wildcards in connect_supply_net -ports don't work on UPF ports
1788322 CORE_LP LBRTPM message reports internal_power, direction internal, as mismatch with RTL
1805793 CORE_LP (lps-cpf) Handling of escape character in Verilog object
1860989 CORE_LP Print a NOTE when an SDA attribute is encountered that LP doesn't recognize
1870465 CORE_LP (NCsim): UPF restore_condition issue when 3-d array with multiple assignments
1882930 CORE_LP add support for add_power_state_group and add_power_state_group -group
1896253 CORE_LP Always block not getting replayed after power up because the driver is an OOMR
1897981 CORE_LP Support supply nets defined in both the RTL & UPF .
1922661 CORE_LP Tool is not connecting the power port of level-shifter isolation combination as per expectation
1937805 CORE_LP *E,NOPPIN:Primary power doesn't exist in Liberty cell
1951558 CORE_LP Support of clk_low retention model
1956483 CORE_LP Isolation outside of terminal boundary using -sink
1967322 CORE_LP *E,ILLAKO with multidimensional array pin driven by create_power_switch -ack_port
1997761 CORE_LP (UPF enhancement) support of create_power_state_group.
2000729 CORE_LP 1801_LINT_CMD6 Tcl issue in command: extra characters after close-brace
2002957 CORE_LP Command support request: create_power_state_group & add_power_state -group
2005208 CORE_LP (UPF) set_repeater command support
2005210 CORE_LP (UPF) -applies_to_boundary support
2012531 CORE_LP support for -power_source in LP simulation
2015534 CORE_LP UPF : Not Insertion a virtual ISO on boundary of MacroModel
2028894 CORE_LP State retention performance enhancements
2030740 CORE_LP nxmbind with CPF causes ILLOBJM messages, old bind does not
2035316 CORE_LP ncelab Internal Exception error while migrating from INCISIVE to XCELIUM
2038090 CORE_LP the behavior of connect_logic_net without -reconnect is unexpected
2041132 CORE_LP *W,SNDRMU should list the drivers responsible for the warning
2043989 CORE_LP message identifying a missed connection when there is a rtl with liberty cell instantiated within another rtl with liber
2047027 CORE_LP Manage collision between HDL nets and 1801 supply_nets
2047068 CORE_LP make automatic connections to liberty cells that are instantiated within SV bind code
2047069 CORE_LP xmlib2cdb generates a strange error
2048741 CORE_LP ncelab: *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION ( sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr(0x8) )
2050671 CORE_LP xmlib2cdb support environment variables in in -lib_mfile
2050742 CORE_LP Support implicit port connections in 1801
2052775 CORE_LP LP MSIE INTERR because of an internal msie file
2053862 CORE_LP Force is not reapplied after domain is powered in 18.09 with CPF
2055087 CORE_LP xmelab Internal Exception error: cuv_lpeswait - not ESWAIT
2057430 CORE_LP alias upf onto hdl for pg pins defined in same scope
2062570 CORE_LP Same lps options(5) exist in betaperf and new perf
2063283 CORE_LP Simulator Internal Exception error while running UPF sims
2065160 CORE_LP DFF doesn't recover if you use SV interface to pass clock and reset
2065772 CORE_LP Remove direction check from lps_pa_strict
2068120 CORE_LP Xcelium issues incorrect error when a define_power_model -for contains a list of cells
2070724 CORE_LP UPF produces internal error
2071410 CORE_LP Isolation added during synthesis, but not in LP simulation
2072072 CORE_LP Unprotected LPS assertion file which made by -lps_verify_unprotect causes Warning.
2074435 CORE_LP Forces in LP consume huge amount of memory
2074991 CORE_LP nmi DFF doesn't recover if you use SV interface to pass clock and reset
2078661 CORE_LP lps_relax_hierarchy option : the report of instances name displayed twice.
2079083 CORE_LP Integrate 1801 Linter bug fix release
2079174 CORE_LP dma_req_pending DFF doesn't recover if you use SV interface to pass clock and reset
2079452 CORE_LP Low Power simulation crash during wake up after a deep sleep
2080449 CORE_LP lps_iso_hybrid doesn't generate NORPCN error for missing explicit connections to backup power of ret cells
2081097 CORE_LP Generate error message if create_power_domain -exclude_elements is used
2081778 CORE_LP Provide time spent in liberty compilation as part of -status3
2082120 CORE_LP xmelab: *E,PSCNFLT: (LPS) A power source domain and its base domain cannot be declared as power source simultaneously.
2084352 CORE_LP 1801 processing incorrectly issues error if object of create_logic_port/net already exists
2085849 CORE_LP Power up restore not working with clk_low_strict
2091379 CORE_LP Reset is not honored in the new clk_low_strict retention model
2094702 CORE_LP LIBDTM should Not be a soft error message
2095423 CORE_LP Phase 2 implementation of clk_low_strict retention model
2095573 CORE_LP add location of force command to *E,FONOVA error message
2095587 CORE_LP *E, FONOVA causing several tests to fail in pre-qual
2095650 CORE_LP Clock low strict retention latch gets corrupted on the save edge
2096478 CORE_LP Support latest UPF linter ( d016)
2096815 CORE_LP clk low strict retention applied to latch even though -target_type flop is in state retention rule
2098376 CORE_LP Spurious LP force at power-up causes test failure
2098492 CORE_LP Do not create NOISELE for design top without testbench when -location self is used
2098939 CORE_LP make xmelab: *W,CFLCPG a strong error instead of warning
2099042 CORE_LP Message on the ARM retention rule violation
2104163 CORE_LP *W,LPSFREXPR warning in LP simulation with latest green release
2106362 CORE_LP Registers getting excluded from retention policy for no evident reason
2106800 CORE_LP Make the option -lps_pacell_disable_ic default behavior
2107513 CORE_LP xmelab internal error in LP simulation
2110798 CORE_LP Replay of continuous assignment outside of process not executing on wake up
2111625 CORE_LP Internal error on apply_power_model with customer design
2116729 CORE_LP port in UNDETERMINED while using pre-compile liberty - in 19.06.e313
2117402 CORE_LP *E, PSILLPM: (LPS) A power source domain and its mapped parent domain cannot be declared as power source simultaneously
2118027 CORE_LP State retention of packed struct type register doesn't work correctly
2118978 CORE_LP Force disappears incorrectly in LP simulation resulting in test failure
2119933 CORE_LP set_design_attributes does not get applied when used at the top level
2120767 CORE_LP UPF : PST result is incorrect when to use logic_expr_drives_supply_expr attribute.
2122519 CORE_LP elab error with *W,LIB1801/*E,UDFUOBJ - UPF commands like create_power_domain are not applied when cell has liberty
2123716 CORE_LP INTERR when PA models are used instead of NPA models
2128963 CORE_LP Forces do not work for array of instances as expected
2130205 CORE_LP xmelab *F: INTERNAL EXCEPTION during elaboration with Xcelium 19.03s005
2131727 CORE_LP LP issue - always_latch doesn't wake up when power is turned on
2134576 CORE_LP Will the retention work if the simstate of retention supply is in CORRUPT_ON_ACTIVITY state?
2138756 CORE_LP SNDRMU warning - show net name rather than port name
2139107 CORE_LP Internal exception when simulating with UPF
2142619 CORE_LP Reset is not honored for a clk violation at restore_edge with clk_low_strict retention even if the reset is asserted
2142635 CORE_LP improper exit during elaboration at pwr_ptop() with EHF kit 19.08e419 which has clk_low_strict retention phase 2 fix
2153405 CORE_LP Internal Exception during elaboration in pwr_ptop () while running the design in 1909 Beta kit
1544021 CORE_PARSE protected typedef not allowed in incisive
1659327 CORE_PARSE covergroup instance is dumped even though instantiation/new is in code that is not hit.
1677393 CORE_PARSE ncvlog internal exception error due to undefined variable. MESSAGE: p4_mexpr - default VST_U_EXPRESSION
1694043 CORE_PARSE Internal error with ncvlog due to wrong selection of label's name - Unexpected signal #11, program terminated (null)
1726617 CORE_PARSE False parser NOTFXX error for struct initialiser
1728503 CORE_PARSE Ports being treated as variables when they should be wires
1747415 CORE_PARSE deposit prevents verilog actual driver
1756809 CORE_PARSE Add switch to prioritize packages in own library.
1763741 CORE_PARSE *E, UNDIDN: Undeclared identifier even after using typedef.
1790032 CORE_PARSE constraint reference to struct/union in class defined in package results in ILLHIN error - works in vcs
1796343 CORE_PARSE inline constraint does not recognize class object from a parameterized class of an inheritance
1817656 CORE_PARSE INCISIVE Compilation is 8X slower as compared to competition
1888502 CORE_PARSE typedef derived from 2-state typedef becomes 4-state
1947292 CORE_PARSE some parameters not being passed correctly when parameter functions used
1949220 CORE_PARSE E,ILLHIN unresolved when refer the member variable of base class in constraint block.
1953993 CORE_PARSE option to convert all compilation warnings to errors by single flag
2022043 CORE_PARSE Linking macro with string in readmemh
2029415 CORE_PARSE Inline constraint on object member variable not working when class being randomized is a mixin
2031771 CORE_PARSE The defparam doesn't overwrite to parameter.
2032788 CORE_PARSE A comment after the /* sparse*/ declaration results in error:E,REGSOV:(./rtl_memory.v,12
2036317 CORE_PARSE Incisive / Xcelium segfault on generated RTL
2036846 CORE_PARSE Incisive segfault on Stratus generated RTL
2052990 CORE_PARSE ncvlog internal error issue 'el_start_list_at - increase EL_NESTSIZE!'
2053279 CORE_PARSE xmvlog can't handle Japanese Character as syntax error
2053464 CORE_PARSE xmvlog internal exception with relax_svbind_target and new bind
2053471 CORE_PARSE xmelab internal error with relax_svbind_target: MESSAGE: cu_process_declaration - VST_E_UNKNOWN
2054423 CORE_PARSE input ports with unpacked array dimensions defaulting to variable instead of wire
2057279 CORE_PARSE macro cannot be parsed inside quotation marks
2061063 CORE_PARSE Unexplained ILLHIN: illegal location for a hierarchical name (in a package)
2061807 CORE_PARSE recompilation failing on SV import of vhdl packages with -v200x switch
2065920 CORE_PARSE INTERR - smi_set_sm - object is only a SMI_1ST class yet sel == 1
2066344 CORE_PARSE xmvlog internal error on February agile release
2067271 CORE_PARSE SPDUSD warning suppressed with -q even after promotion to error
2076143 CORE_PARSE Getting UNDIDN error when vectors are referred from extended class.
2081938 CORE_PARSE xmvlog Internal Exception error on nightly debug agile
2090622 CORE_PARSE WBINOPAR needs to be an error
2105431 CORE_PARSE xmelab *F via_get_ots_field: No ots structure of kind 49 exists
2157866 CORE_PARSE compaliation error at non-defined area
2159152 CORE_PARSE default_array_input_wire not working on unpacked array of ports with bind syntax
2161260 CORE_PARSE Unexpected NOPAR in assignment pattern with field name matching function name
1240722 CORE_RAND constraint solver not consistent on array size
1336226 CORE_RAND constrain on array element is ignored
1464598 CORE_RAND Problem with SV constraint
1494934 CORE_RAND Randomization problem with function-argument call
1495719 CORE_RAND 2D array with inside constraint on the size
1503905 CORE_RAND Change of randomization order needed?
1536253 CORE_RAND Unexpected failure from foreach loop referencing 2D array
1536756 CORE_RAND Randomization performance issue in 14.21
1698241 CORE_RAND Randomization is taking a very long time and increases runtime memory footprint 10times.
1767066 CORE_RAND False contradiction when using sum() on object elements
1819615 CORE_RAND Constraint contradiction for a solvable constraints
1871350 CORE_RAND Randomization performance degrades as simulation progresses
1936927 CORE_RAND Randomisation failure
1952356 CORE_RAND Randomization distribution not correct in Xcelium
1955185 CORE_RAND disable soft not working on element of array of object.
1977529 CORE_RAND Functionality of soft disable on a class array element.
1989068 CORE_RAND Multi-pass issue with pre-TRAT. TRAT is failing over: array size on inner dimension ( rnc_array.cpp,
1990213 CORE_RAND xmsim: *E, RNDCNSTE due to "Solve before not allowed on empty array"
1996141 CORE_RAND Problem constraining 2D queues
1999665 CORE_RAND Need to make this Multipass testcase working with TRAT
2008229 CORE_RAND xmsim: *E,RNDCNSTE (./const_struct.sv,13
2011657 CORE_RAND TRAT_NOT_IMPLEMENTED: array size on inner dimension
2012645 CORE_RAND TRAT not implemented instances in customer code
2014412 CORE_RAND Array resize and multipass
2024170 CORE_RAND Enhance SVRNC to support solve-before on MDA items
2032777 CORE_RAND Randomization with soft constraints creates unexpected results
2035607 CORE_RAND support limitation of calculation floating point number in constraint
2041133 CORE_RAND Solver is giving a contradiction message, same partition solved on previous versions
2045895 CORE_RAND randomization Internal Exception – Assertion !wif_lists_empty failed
2047661 CORE_RAND Make XLGENENV have N severity instead of W and make XCELIGEN__* env vars work silently
2048518 CORE_RAND *W,RNDOCS, conflicting constraints on dynamic array sizes. (Failed on TRAT, too)
2049012 CORE_RAND Partition is giving a contradiction on 19.01.a001 but solved on 18.07.v001
2049236 CORE_RAND Constraint solver multipass shows contradiction
2054439 CORE_RAND Multipass needed to solve multi dimension dynamic array
2055785 CORE_RAND W,RNDCNSTW output shows a randomize call in the pre_randomize() call of the actual problematic randomize call
2056443 CORE_RAND Partition is showing a contradiction message with xceligen , solved properly on earlier release
2056475 CORE_RAND real constraints partition contradicts on 19.01 solved on 18.07
2057877 CORE_RAND Randomization not working properly
2062866 CORE_RAND Xcelium 18.09 randomize performance even worse than IES 15.22.038
2064192 CORE_RAND Incorrect RNDFUNAC warning, polluting log files
2064728 CORE_RAND Getting SAT timeout for unclear reason
2068871 CORE_RAND RNDERR cause Internal exception in TRAT
2069421 CORE_RAND Internal exception in the solver. Pointing to: rnc_node_solver::rr_add_enum_ranges_to_wif(…
2081169 CORE_RAND Randomization performance issue seen with user testcase
2081929 CORE_RAND Solver solves with a value that does not match constraint
2082353 CORE_RAND Incorrect randomisation results, caught with checkers=2
2083710 CORE_RAND New solver order alg is causing an error with latest nightly
2085417 CORE_RAND xmsim: *F,SCSIG: Signal SIGFPE raised by a SystemC library call from user application code.
2089614 CORE_RAND TRAT is failing for customer with latest nightly build
2089750 CORE_RAND MESSAGE: sv_fpehandler - user generated SIGFPE
2092735 CORE_RAND TRAT failover possibly causing pre_randomize to not be called
2094103 CORE_RAND Randomization failure without any explanation
2101302 CORE_RAND Xcelium Constraint solver seems to ingnore the constraints.
2101620 CORE_RAND TRAT solver fail with "rolling over to Pre-TRAT mode" then Internal Exception
2102798 CORE_RAND Partition solved on 18.06, takes X60 more time on 19.03
2106229 CORE_RAND RNDALF: Not enough information to debug
2107217 CORE_RAND Constraint solver has problem interpreting a parameter if it is a 2-dimensional packed array.
2108424 CORE_RAND segmentation fault in simulation
2109311 CORE_RAND randomization doesn't work properly
2109595 CORE_RAND TRAT solver required for a constraint but causes improper exit in 19.03.s005
2111451 CORE_RAND Randomization error in 19.05. Was working in 19.04
2111673 CORE_RAND RNDCNSTE for constant guard expression
2112581 CORE_RAND SVRNDF error seen in TRAT
2117569 CORE_RAND Constraint size failure of multidimensional array through foreach command for second dimension
2122827 CORE_RAND segmentation fault from CCMPR02108424 reappearing in 19.06.a001
2125902 CORE_RAND INTERR Internal Exception: illegal list underflow - stacktrace shows svrnc calls before exception
2128775 CORE_RAND static_analysis_data::replace_var_arefs: rand aref on assoc array ( rnc_solver.cpp,5726 )
2128797 CORE_RAND TRAT still failing to call pre_randomize
2134203 CORE_RAND Simulation is failing with rnc error inside wpi.cpp
2147303 CORE_RAND SV constraint solver doesn't honor soft constraint
1462904 CORE_SIM Not possible to probe SV structs with BIG arrays
1498623 CORE_SIM Subprogram body: PRINT_NODE (line: 775 in design unit UVVM_UTIL.HIERARCHY_LINKED_LIST_PKG:body)
1499988 CORE_SIM VHDL2008 compilation: internal exception
1545212 CORE_SIM Internal Exception with OSVVM
1572980 CORE_SIM ncsim/RTSOVF - max size of dynamic array provided in error code message is incorrect
1584938 CORE_SIM Systemverilog support for force of an entire unpacked array.
1590905 CORE_SIM TSKFUN does not give enough information to debug problem
1743400 CORE_SIM ncvlog: *E,UNSFRC (test.sv,8/27): Force/release of unpacked array nets is not currently supported.
1782197 CORE_SIM process::halt not effective for children of finished threads
1825546 CORE_SIM Memory RTL Model Performance Enhancement
1851002 CORE_SIM Please update ncprofmem.pl in xcelium installation so it matches Xcelium Branding
1868018 CORE_SIM x-prop fails to detect behavioral construct === 1'bx
1954264 CORE_SIM $countdrivers memory consumption issue (3G)
1971917 CORE_SIM The process-based save/restore creates a .process_save directory which doesn't follow umask settings
1976213 CORE_SIM fine grained xprop enables
1985008 CORE_SIM using 'xrun -write_metrics' modifies UVM_TESTNAME xrun plusarg
1992714 CORE_SIM Complimentary scanning failing due to specman filter being automatically applied to incorrect logfile
1992892 CORE_SIM xprop fox mode not propagating X for synchronous flop
1993570 CORE_SIM Supported VHDL OOMR target (signal) is giving error when hierarchically referenced.
2007972 CORE_SIM Internal Exception seen in Incisive
2012149 CORE_SIM SAIF format not readable by Synthesis tool
2018909 CORE_SIM Significant slowdown from non-blocking assignments
2020261 CORE_SIM Compilation internal error with vst_class() - null ptr
2022254 CORE_SIM xmsim *F XPROF Internal Exception error
2032781 CORE_SIM INTERR: SIGSEGV in non-blocking assignment to virtual interface variable from class
2034617 CORE_SIM memory profiler numbers are not consistent
2039306 CORE_SIM internal simulation error sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr((nil))
2039750 CORE_SIM xprof Internal Exception error with MESSAGE: Xprof database dump failed!
2042271 CORE_SIM xmsim Internal Exception with specify block and -sdf_simtime in MSIE flow
2043312 CORE_SIM xmprofmerge.pl does not exist in the install area
2043434 CORE_SIM -mem_xpof -profcstk not showing relevant information
2043534 CORE_SIM index from for loop in fork/join mixed
2043603 CORE_SIM Multi-step MSIE internal error during simulation, however Mono and 1-MSIE works fine
2045954 CORE_SIM -memdetail loosing track of freed memory
2045961 CORE_SIM -memdetail should provide memory footprint overhead on memory report
2047707 CORE_SIM Simulation failing
2048454 CORE_SIM replay wreal internal error with rpl_traverse-inspector
2049429 CORE_SIM The log information is incorrect when to use -status and -simlogsize both.
2049783 CORE_SIM customer testcase failure with "newperf" option
2049938 CORE_SIM xmelab internal error: vst_contains - id not identifier, class 750
2049943 CORE_SIM xmelab internal error: cu_update_assign_amalg - bad subsumed
2050438 CORE_SIM Dramatic performance degradation when probing dynamic arrays
2050450 CORE_SIM Xmelab internal error : vst_contains - id not identifier, class 750
2051968 CORE_SIM xmelab error: flatten_expr - index selects of arrays not handled yet
2053006 CORE_SIM fault simulation internal error with HDLICE memories
2054745 CORE_SIM Entire regression results showing as failed in vManagerCS though some are passing
2056754 CORE_SIM (FATAL) Failed to create timer thread (errno: 22)
2061175 CORE_SIM Xprop issues XFAINC warning message but generate-endgenerate hierarchy path is valid
2061214 CORE_SIM VHDL record port does not get value from packed struct
2062695 CORE_SIM Dumpsaif does not generate a toggle count for implicit wire connection
2063507 CORE_SIM Performance issue with L2W on parameterized modules
2063559 CORE_SIM LTW - -enable_var_opt_core changes BNDWRN to BNDERR
2064420 CORE_SIM xprop – x not propagating when delay is specified with time unit
2064857 CORE_SIM CLONE internal error: sv_seghandler trapno -1 addr ((nil))
2065137 CORE_SIM Functional discrepancies between 2 same simulation, works fine with linedebug and fails without linedebug
2065166 CORE_SIM Collapsed network of converted logic has been forced: Provide messages to help in debug under option
2065921 CORE_SIM assign statement fails to update under -enable_var_opt_core
2066174 CORE_SIM Sometimes D=>Q cannot transfer in always block
2067950 CORE_SIM internal Elab error with L2W - sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr((nil))
2067954 CORE_SIM internal Elab error with L2W dt_is_array hit unknown datatype
2068065 CORE_SIM xp_elab.log corrupted
2068352 CORE_SIM nettmp_is_finalized - id out of range - Internal Exception error during elaboration, introduced by -enable_var_opt_core
2068707 CORE_SIM sv_bushandler - trapno -1 addr((nil)) - SIGBUS not in rts_xfer -enable_var_opt_core
2068734 CORE_SIM INTERR: cuv_pewaitset - reads (but not writes) to non-wire during xprop testing
2068853 CORE_SIM logic-real-logic connection behavior changes with LTW
2069270 CORE_SIM SST2ER: SST2 interface error: Series sort buffer maximum size reached.
2069875 CORE_SIM Switch naming and messages to use Var to Wire
2071618 CORE_SIM Internal Exception error when dumping waves and coverage is enabled with en_vaca_opt(default setting)
2072050 CORE_SIM improper tool exit during Elab with VTW file
2073776 CORE_SIM flatten_expr crash during elaboration with VTW
2073827 CORE_SIM How to improve FSDB dumping performance , which is about 1.1~1.6x time behind competitor.
2074854 CORE_SIM Simulator internal error while trying to add a signal to the VCD database
2074874 CORE_SIM Elab improper exit when W access is removed from build
2075028 CORE_SIM Severe degradation in Elab time: "After third cu_dop2nlrefs"
2075576 CORE_SIM Mirror on array of reals provides an internal exception error
2075666 CORE_SIM mirror to array of reals issue unexpected Error : *E,NCTYMM
2076908 CORE_SIM xmsim tool failure when dumping VCD for gate-level mixed-signal design
2077127 CORE_SIM Xprop issues XFAIND message for a named for-loop block within generate/endgenerate
2077864 CORE_SIM xmelab *F, MESSAGE: dt_get =_known_datatype hit unknown datatype
2078586 CORE_SIM INTERR sv_seghandler
2078591 CORE_SIM xmsim internal vst_root if_ptoroot
2079011 CORE_SIM TCF file written by xcelium was adding non-numeric string (,) in the duration value
2079501 CORE_SIM Customer design fails with -ENABLE_NTICM
2081895 CORE_SIM TCF file for VHDL generate block is not complete
2081898 CORE_SIM VL_XMBV suppresses xprop warnings
2081941 CORE_SIM Need help debugging source of PROPTH error
2082514 CORE_SIM Xcelium internal error with VCD dumping
2085641 CORE_SIM signals concatenation not updated in module port connection
2086051 CORE_SIM SHM dump run without access leads to SCHECK firing and Internal Exception
2087092 CORE_SIM INTERR when $xm_mirror used in constructor of class
2087671 CORE_SIM The simulation behavior different when added -linedebug option
2088965 CORE_SIM Internal Exception error when force on unpacked array in GUI mode
2088997 CORE_SIM problems with Tcl command value -keys
2089084 CORE_SIM xmsim INTERRR while probing MESSAGE: probe_install_shm - switch
2090092 CORE_SIM gq_taskfunc_prune_enable - incorrect type for VST_S_NONBLOCKING_ASSIGNMENT
2090123 CORE_SIM XP_INSTANCE_INFO gives incorrect hierarchy for AOI
2091073 CORE_SIM OSS profiler becomes unresponsive with xmsim for 12.5/12.6 version; improper exit in 12.4
2091476 CORE_SIM E*, NOTPAR error causing many builds to fail
2091507 CORE_SIM memory corruption during simulation with stack overflow, asan backtrace attached
2092127 CORE_SIM Error due to permission differences between -process_save and -checkpoint_enable
2092356 CORE_SIM E,NOTPAR happens at the xmelab with enable_var_opt_core
2093506 CORE_SIM incorrect NOTPAR error on element of nested structs
2094150 CORE_SIM xmelab INTERR: dt_get_known_datatype hit unknown datatype
2094656 CORE_SIM Internal Error during profile dumping when using -enable_prof_info
2096016 CORE_SIM GLS UPF simulation becomes unresponsive at _wordcopy_fwd_aligned via sslu_codprb_force()
2096914 CORE_SIM initialization failure with -enable_var_opt_core
2096927 CORE_SIM xmvlog: *E,UNSFRC (tb.sv,19
2097948 CORE_SIM xmelab Internal Exception when running with option -lwdgen
2100639 CORE_SIM Symkeepsim stuck at popen call in prof_run_nm function
2100984 CORE_SIM -enable_sync_comb not working in my environment
2103278 CORE_SIM -enable_sensitivity_opt causing simulations to become unresponsive
2104011 CORE_SIM Xprop LP simulation becomes unresponsive at time 0 with latest green release
2104472 CORE_SIM Simulation fails without -access +rwc
2106861 CORE_SIM Questions about clocking block output delay
2107533 CORE_SIM Improved messaging and reporting for XPUCI
2108008 CORE_SIM INTERR: probe_install_shm - switch
2108671 CORE_SIM xmelab internal error: tl_reg_prune_count - no pruned blocks
2108790 CORE_SIM xmsim internal error with Cadence OCP VIP and enable_reg_update_inv option under newperf
2111039 CORE_SIM INTERR: illegal list underflow
2115245 CORE_SIM Incorrect or missing XFSTNC/XFSTND
2115993 CORE_SIM simulation hang with performance options set
2118325 CORE_SIM -access +r with xprop enabled causes misbehavior
2124299 CORE_SIM Customer test case cu_optimize is taking 1243 seconds on nightly agile
2130430 CORE_SIM Complex combinatorial assignment calculates the wrong value
2134193 CORE_SIM Existing force on reg causes simulation internal error when specifying xmreplay
2135239 CORE_SIM Wrong message from lmstat - Xcelium Multi Core - Simulation does not use Multi Core engine
2140009 CORE_SIM INTERR: sv_seghandler in ssl_pwr_sn_driver with -lwdgen
1317224 CORE_SV SIGUSR message issues
1371867 CORE_SV Please add a note to this DPI warning telling the user how to fix it now
1406753 CORE_SV SIGSEGV from user DPI code must call ncdbg_fatal
1426872 CORE_SV Regarding ncvlog_cg: *E,UOPAW
1526705 CORE_SV ncvlog_cg: *E,UOPAW : Unsupported array assignment to output variable port
1671705 CORE_SV SIGRNG warning does not indicate what will happen
1697358 CORE_SV (SEAGATE) ncelab: *F,CGFAIL: Code generation failed for one or more modules.
1709638 CORE_SV SV unsupported syntax
1752933 CORE_SV SIGRNG warning does not explain the resulting behavior
1755573 CORE_SV elab warning to error
1771588 CORE_SV NOFDPI fatal error needs to include file/line where the DPI import exist
1893009 CORE_SV ncvlog_cg: *E,UOPAW Unsupported array assignment to output variable port 'oIqReqClear'.
1994676 CORE_SV xmsim: *E,OBNOVL: Object does not have a value: uvm_pkg::uvm_resource_db#(virtual interface bus_if)::m_show_msg.rsrc.
2019901 CORE_SV INTL_LKF: Xcelium giving unsupported feature issue
2024155 CORE_SV A switch that would print when the simulator entered or exited DPI calls
2034490 CORE_SV incorrect result due to wrong subtraction calculation
2041285 CORE_SV INT_LKFC: getting elab error SOLNAB Need support streaming concatenation to output/inout port of type unpacked struct
2043493 CORE_SV OOMR which has the vecotor index outside of declared range makes event triggered.
2044376 CORE_SV INT_LKFC:xmelab: *E,PCANLV:Expression connected to an 'output', 'inout', or 'ref' port/terminal must be an lvalue.
2044958 CORE_SV INT_LKFC:xmelab: *E,SOLVNT:Streaming concatenation expression of nets is not a legal lvalue
2044959 CORE_SV INT_LKFC:xmelab: *E,SOLVNT:Streaming concatenation expression of nets is not a legal lvalue
2052808 CORE_SV xmelab INTERR : cu_sigpv - unexpanded REG in concat
2057494 CORE_SV error: '_unit_0__t_fe_events_tlm_signal_list {aka struct <anonymous>}' has no member named '_a6'; did you mean '_a0'?
2061138 CORE_SV perf degradation for always block
2071284 CORE_SV ncvlog_cg: *E, UOPAW, Unsupported array assignment to output variable port
2080417 CORE_SV LP primary snapshot generation fails with - vst_declarative_items() - invalid class, class 1023
2085942 CORE_SV LP elaboration INTERR - cu_lpii_merge_ports_for_isolated_pot - !iso_pot
2088880 CORE_SV Clocking blocks deadcode - should support SV interface and SV checker
2089711 CORE_SV Support isolation on SV interface - with clocking blocks.
2090147 CORE_SV MESSAGE: vst_declarative_items() - invalid class
2090156 CORE_SV MESSAGE: sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr(0xb)
2092768 CORE_SV ixcom:xmelab: *E,UNADIR: Unable to create directory
2095258 CORE_SV Elaboration error when running with "-dpiheader" and "-errorchk"
2099725 CORE_SV INTERNAL EXCEPTION xmelab during codegen
2100935 CORE_SV (Ehancement req.) foreach illegal for wildcard index of associative array(Currently unsupported)
2106531 CORE_SV significant performance issue using 3rd party VIP in xcelium
2108679 CORE_SV Default clocking appearing as a clocking block on profiler
2108749 CORE_SV INTERR cu_vifc_check_access - mark flags mismatched with 19.06.h275
2116792 CORE_SV xmprotect behavior unclear
2124523 CORE_SV NOCLNG warning when systemC is not used
2131887 CORE_SV Elaborator error DPIEXP with DPI export function in _sv_export.so
2132056 CORE_SV Value deposit failed due to -disable_sv_access under plusperf
2034041 CORE_SYSC Make the SystemC .so library loading behavior under env var XM_LOAD_SC_LIB_STRICT as the default behavior
2040851 CORE_SYSC xrun strips gcc options containing '@' symbol
2053863 CORE_SYSC Introduction of a "nouvmsc" switch to Xcelium (xmsc_run/xrun)
2089971 CORE_SYSC XMSC_SC_TIME_CHECKS modifies system behavior
1363255 CORE_VHDL ncsim fatal error with OSVVM
1410599 CORE_VHDL Support VHDL 2008 Unconstrained array type oomr
1659887 CORE_VHDL VHDL 2008 simplified case statements fail with Incisive
1825035 CORE_VHDL Try to simulate VHDL OSVVM Testbench
1837969 CORE_VHDL Compile error when using vhdl function maximum. (function MAXIMUM (L: T) return E;)
1934035 CORE_VHDL Assert statement present in to_unsigned subprogram leads to disable of PES optimizations
1941632 CORE_VHDL VHDL Assignment Incorrect
1944611 CORE_VHDL Cannot compile OSVVM test suite
2018065 CORE_VHDL VHDL Scheduling issue when InterProcessCommunication signals were bundled into records
2024683 CORE_VHDL All sensitivity fail with array (VHDL-2008)
2036161 CORE_VHDL internal exception at ncvhdl_cg with error SELPFX, DLNCOD
2043703 CORE_VHDL improper exit after SELPFX
2045092 CORE_VHDL VHPI improper exit with vhdlsparsearray
2083059 CORE_VHDL MESSAGE: Unable to evaluate vector expression at gq_eval - RANGE_BOUND
2103253 CORE_VHDL internal error vlog_port_association_list - Illegal VHDL name for port after NOLDUS
2107885 CORE_VHDL Specman overwrites a forced signal
2032118 CORE_VPI Unable to determine what bind, `include, and import statements are in the compilation unit scope
2048346 CORE_VPI need vpi interface for dot-star(.*) port mapping instance to external customer
2065935 CORE_VPI VPI error: NOFORCO when LTW option is used
2080362 CORE_VPI Unexpected format value (0) on value change callback - user format was 5
2104882 CORE_VPI VPI INVPINT Invalid property vpiACCSupported for object of type vpiEnumNet passed to vpi_get()
2106298 CORE_VPI Internal VPI error experimenting with debug tools
2131169 CORE_VPI Incorrect representation of always block in LWD mode when OOMRs are involved
1576289 DBG_SIMVISION Renamed bus saved in waveform signal list does not load
1707976 DBG_SIMVISION Analog overlay inside a group goes missing when .svcf file is loaded again
1816115 DBG_SIMVISION Problem in using analog overlay group
1911423 DBG_SIMVISION In simvision(64) 15.20-s024 if I Create and Rename a bus (from the illegible long sequence of signal names, to the name
1925046 DBG_SIMVISION Simvision save command script issue
1950037 DBG_SIMVISION The optimized signals in SimVision show up as optimized in the translated VCD making it useless for power estimation.
2052000 DBG_SIMVISION Opening UVM sequence viewer makes simvision " unstable"
2055527 DBG_SIMVISION Schematic zoom bugs
2072830 DBG_SIMVISION simvision might be unstable after a given number of mouse shortcuts for zoom in/out
2076430 DBG_SIMVISION Unable to load expression calculator signals from a file in Simvision
2081028 DBG_SIMVISION Xcelium generates VCD that cannot be read into Innovus
2114926 DBG_SIMVISION simvisdbutil translates SST2 optimized signals activity into unreadable format
2123492 DBG_SIMVISION Request to add "Waveform window" as an option to the "Send to new" item in the source window context menu
2143218 DBG_SIMVISION Simvision save command script issue with renaming bus
1971970 FUNC_SAFETY FS_FAULT_HIERACHY_TO/FROM shouldn't do a GLOBAL seach on the from string
1987444 FUNC_SAFETY xfr summary is different between 10 and 2 splits.
1987751 FUNC_SAFETY Concurrent generate different annotation results if different number of faults are injected
2013656 FUNC_SAFETY Design extraction hangs
2025890 FUNC_SAFETY strobe_event in strobe list is not mapped to a correct Tcl implementation when there is no FS_STROBE_DEFAULT_EVENT
2027158 FUNC_SAFETY DCAN test Internal Exception during fault injection with forced signals
2031508 FUNC_SAFETY support -single_value in strobe_event ( strobe list AND FS_STROBE_DEFAULT_EVENT)
2036480 FUNC_SAFETY There are some differences between the result of serial and concurrent.
2054357 FUNC_SAFETY Different detection status between concurrent and serial
2054687 FUNC_SAFETY misleading warning message due usage of fault_test option
2058615 FUNC_SAFETY -fault_hier_iso option does not support on XFS and X490
2059231 FUNC_SAFETY Xcelium elaboration Internal Exception error when running with -FAULT_XML_GEN and related arguments
2062819 FUNC_SAFETY SEU not instrumented due to hierachy inside of the sequential cell
2064310 FUNC_SAFETY a sa1 fault is labeled as sa0 after level-0 fault reduction
2072950 FUNC_SAFETY Wrong annotation if fault is potentially detected and FO/CO strobes point to the same pin/vector
2076621 FUNC_SAFETY MESSAGE: spath_bestpath() - bad parameter
2077052 FUNC_SAFETY Different Detection Serial vs Concurrent on ARM test-case
2078633 FUNC_SAFETY MESSAGE: sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr(0xfffffffffffffffc)
2083318 FUNC_SAFETY Internal Error with "-setenv CDN_FAULT_ANALYZE_CONC=1"
2094473 FUNC_SAFETY Huge memory usage with this testcase
2095578 FUNC_SAFETY Detection results different with XFS concurrent versus serial in 1905e226
2098296 FUNC_SAFETY Fault detection difference between concurrent and serial 1905e261
2103622 FUNC_SAFETY CLONE Wrong annotation if fault is potentially detected and FO/CO strobes point to the same pin/vector
2108825 FUNC_SAFETY Ignoring System Task in concurrent simulation
2109268 FUNC_SAFETY MESSAGE: spath_bestpath() - bad parameter
2130203 FUNC_SAFETY XFS has partially backward propagation
1813313 INDAGO (Indago) : UVM hierarchy not available with parametrized classes.
1926254 INDAGO Waveform not visible for probed signals in interactive mode
1948919 INDAGO Demote STRPIN Could not initialize SimVision connection: can't register with service manager
2031650 INDAGO LWD created in unexpected location
2044858 INDAGO Could not trace the driver over the interface with lwdgen
2050698 INDAGO Restarting from saved process based snapshot causes internal error - SimVision GUI
2056075 INDAGO SimVision caught in loop when doing Driver Tracing
2000859 MULTI_CORE xmelab Internal Exception error with -xufe: extra first bracket pair around "binsof" of ignore_bins
2007331 MULTI_CORE using -xufe causes global datatype to be hidden by local variable due to parsing
2044528 MULTI_CORE xufe flow Internal Exception error in elaboration
2058840 MULTI_CORE AVSREQ-62535 XUFE internal error while creating a config
2090812 MULTI_CORE xmelab: *E,XUFEE: %/path/c_checker_counts.sv%278%loop generate construct%at /dv/p4Cusers01nd/dvcmin_noida_agile_rc_xceli
2106794 MULTI_CORE Assertions written in ske.sv file seems to miss the parentheses - causing the wrong assertion intent and test failure
1317154 PERSPEC SVR generation issue, not following constraints
1469670 PERSPEC composer internal exception error during save a test.sln scenario
1672944 PERSPEC (DEGRADATION) test table reload mechanism is broken, used to work in previous versions
1742037 PERSPEC Code Gen: Different results for same test (same seed)
1848889 PERSPEC Solver/constraints: "constraint default" does not accept max-uint value
1858422 PERSPEC Solver: add a user accessible phase / hook such as "end of scenario expansion"
1866383 PERSPEC perspec should avoid to assign testbench SLAVE treads to actions with tokens
1916690 PERSPEC get_active_executable() should return a note/warning if used in pre_gen_code() hook
1969444 PERSPEC document the new ipc memory allocation behavior
1976905 PERSPEC gen flow with -top_action switch generates incorrect code while composer / standard gen flow work correctly
2025402 PERSPEC SML: Incorrect value displayed in read_check_data error message
2026043 PERSPEC True_sharing_multi_copy_chain test failure due to patch: "patch_perspec_default_mem_block_assignment"
2031825 PERSPEC Language: Fix fill and random_schedule operators (for repeated or sequential fill with random scheduling)
2036679 PERSPEC Code Gen: generated C file show "Top Action: N/A" in their header (instead of N/A should be the top action)
2037768 PERSPEC local initialization of perspec_batch when using set_global_ptr()
2037918 PERSPEC Code Gen: perspec_batch initialization missing (sln_init_mailbox() generated empty and not called in code)
2060229 PERSPEC Support exec file exec blocks for compound actions
2070375 PERSPEC clarification of use-model for me->comp_handle in the RM, chapter "4.5.1. Exported fields"
2071155 PERSPEC fix the example in UG Setting the starting address of perspec_batch
2096809 PERSPEC Call back error encountered in newer version
2105337 PERSPEC libexpat.so.0 required for create_image but not found under Centos/RH 7
2114585 PERSPEC in-line ASM code for atomic_base_operation missing "cc" and "memory" clobber
2126742 PERSPEC Composer does not save false_sharing_random_operator scenario correctly
2128437 PERSPEC Native CSV utility does not support empty tables
2129766 PERSPEC Code Gen: duplicate declaration of same field, when runtime attribute is defined in token of memory(*)
2129815 PERSPEC EL0 in cdn_exception_level_cov.to_el/from_EL always show 100% coverage
2136202 PERSPEC Native CSV utility does not treat size_const as a const while parsing SLN
1457707 SPECMAN please add a hook method that is called whenever any coverage group is being collected.
1516357 SPECMAN coverage grade : lower than actually is (on ungradeable item with a few buckets not ignored)
1584192 SPECMAN specman debug current execution points incorrect line number for check true-block
1585966 SPECMAN provide option to use use set_check_by_name() on error emitted for illegal coverage values
1686377 SPECMAN Specview window affects zombies
1692552 SPECMAN irun error - SNNOLS with elibs and snstage
1698582 SPECMAN Memory consumption of UCM creation should be optimized
1803711 SPECMAN Simple port methods should be supported also in any_simple_port
1882762 SPECMAN add a warning when allocation request is greater than Optimal Process Size before the actual allocation
1909931 SPECMAN VHPI internal error - ssl_set_time_snare failed.
1934614 SPECMAN Request for an interface that supports struct conversion from E to C and vice versa similar to FLI
1939185 SPECMAN False contradiction at transaction generation after a long testrun
2029679 SPECMAN Missing implementation for 'external_scalar_ref_param.eval4get_ref()
2032029 SPECMAN bool(bits:1) forces improper compiler exit
2040041 SPECMAN Specman is unable to recognize runtime errors in initialization file reader read_ini.sh
2043037 SPECMAN improve VPI NEGTIME error message to point source code line number
2045144 SPECMAN e linting rule EARBSC has unexpected fails
2065593 SPECMAN Usage of Template <type> Parameter in as_a() Cast Operation
2067952 SPECMAN WARN_METHOD_DEFINED errors emitted at buffer_port definition
2072817 SPECMAN incorrect error source ref. in a mixed compiled and interpreted env.
2091832 SPECMAN using a macro inside gen
2097753 SPECMAN Specman segmentation fault when Indago launches
2102924 SPECMAN Error during coverage analysis at finalize_test()
2102944 SPECMAN HAL internal error at E_GENERATION checks
2104817 SPECMAN Specman function has_mvl_value(MVL_0) returns erroneous value
2118103 SPECMAN Specman tool failure using 'trace change -wave' on longuint
2118175 SPECMAN Issue in UVM SB matching algorithm
2118206 SPECMAN UVM score board use model without ports need to be enhanced
2119176 SPECMAN Generation error using elib with str_replace()
2122834 SPECMAN Internal Specman error at 'do sequence' using 'trace -wave'
2122935 SPECMAN Coverage related activities not disabled when mode is off
2124242 SPECMAN 19.03 OS Signal 11 when running with probing in GUI mode
2135946 SPECMAN Symbol `esi_simple_has_mvl' not found in the program object
2138223 SPECMAN wrong gen action executed without any error or warning
2152418 SPECMAN FLI glue code compilation error on non-physical struct field
1654267 UVM The UVM_ERROR messages for assertion errors while using cdns_assert2uvm_pkg does not contain name
2045012 UVM uvm_hdl_deposit performance issue
1501167 XRUN ARMFM: SystemCExport - missing symbols - due to ignored static lib
1962395 XRUN snrebuild not working as expected
2016825 XRUN xrun with -fast_recompilation does not properly consider SV package dependencies
2045799 XRUN xrun does not bring in import symbols from archives
2047387 XRUN tmp/ncsim.args files are corrupted if multiple runs are in parallel
2057491 XRUN AMSD: When setting XLM_ERRORLOG env var, not able to read spectre version when using "spectre_args" switch
2060315 XRUN xrun -elabonly deletes librun.so if C source changes without modifying C files list
2063970 XRUN *E,DLCSMD: Dependent checksum error at xrun rerun after modifyiing a SV header file in UVM-ML env
2069346 XRUN Document the support for -setenv in xrun options
2071533 XRUN XRUN option "-setenv" not documented
2086018 XRUN Add support to use the existing xmsim_sym instead of rebuilding with -rebuild
2094002 XRUN segmentation fault hits Internal Exception when simulation loading snapshot at sim 0 time
2110716 XRUN Files recompilation issue, without any file change, with -fast_recompilation option
2110856 XRUN Unexpected signal 11 in compilation using xrun
2132021 XRUN TWOWRN warning unnecessary
2145910 XRUN Changing snapshot with -primname doesnot re-elaborate already build incremental snapshot
2158534 XRUN Option -enable_single_yvlib option not working in performance release

INDAGO-94 INDAGO CCMPR01948665 CCR Message 'The LWD is not compatible with this version of Indago' when launching Indago from Simvision GUI
INDAGO-133 INDAGO Change Indago's default font
INDAGO-26201 INDAGO Improve the way that the design hierarchy is initially opened
INDAGO-25283 INDAGO Waveform radix change is not applied to waveform preview
INDAGO-27001 INDAGO testing JIRA notification : PLEASE IGNORE
INDAGO-204 INDAGO CCMPR01661625 CCR Error message when opening Indago.
INDAGO-37 INDAGO CCMPR01634891 CCR Double-clicking on a signal in a maximized window does not automatically open the Source Browser
INDAGO-26295 INDAGO ctrl+w doesn't work from the exploration window but works from the right-click menu
INDAGO-26523 INDAGO Memory consumption in interactive debug - without touching the application, memory consumption can growing very fast
INDAGO-72 INDAGO CCMPR01746550 Unexplained blue-to-grey transition in new Indago waveforms
INDAGO-25892 INDAGO Disable the database reload option in Indago's pxp flow
INDAGO-100 INDAGO CCMPR01571842 clicking on an entry in the Calls stack makes it lose the rest of the stack
INDAGO-153 INDAGO CCMPR01751341 - the ida_database command complains about missing path (in 15.20) but also creates it
INDAGO-26462 INDAGO Investigate - Improve .wsf file load time
INDAGO-27137 INDAGO Opening only the smartlog in a LP environment doesn't show the power browser
INDAGO-339 INDAGO No value for bus signal with Indago Phase2
INDAGO-26834 INDAGO DT not working properly in Indago-Palladium flow
INDAGO-25933 INDAGO Make the tops/source sync configurable … and not under env variable
INDAGO-26538 INDAGO Investigate - when loading wsf files in Indago, Indago steals the X focus of each loaded signal
INDAGO-342 INDAGO CCMPR01751485 CCR error while launching Indago: DB 'newname.db' is not a valid Indago app database
INDAGO-26246 INDAGO Allow users who don't have write permission to the phy dir to launch Indago
INDAGO-151 INDAGO CCMPR01693110 CCR Long timestamps are shown incorrectly when recorded in timescale other than fs
INDAGO-22746 INDAGO CCMPR01920127 When zoomed out while comparing 2 signals, v18.01 displays green markers while v18.04 displays no markers at all
INDAGO-26871 INDAGO Bus splitting inside a group in the Waveform Viewer is not restored with save-reload
INDAGO-207 INDAGO CCMPR01634883 CCR In Indago's Source Viewer, some icons are hidden during driver tracing
INDAGO-223 INDAGO CCMPR01756103 ida_probe -wave -wave_probe_args command errors
INDAGO-26515 INDAGO Need a GUI method to shift selected signal(s) by some amount of time
INDAGO-26296 INDAGO The Smartlog filter by tag drop down menu is not ordered alphabetically
INDAGO-24922 INDAGO Signal shows as probed for entire window while it was probed in multiple dump windows
INDAGO-209 INDAGO CCMPR01634871 CCR Source Window missing a horizontal scrollbar
INDAGO-1703 INDAGO Cleanup - find control (source and tables)
INDAGO-25922 INDAGO 1806013 CCR "Break at line if…" is not working for C code. Behaving same way as "Break at line"
INDAGO-25252 INDAGO When an index is n/a, show the full value of array that is indexed
INDAGO-25043 INDAGO the shm generated by a parallel SHM flow is not the same as one created in non-parallel mode
INDAGO-22868 INDAGO Investigate - insertion point indicator is sluggish when the mouse moves
INDAGO-26202 INDAGO Some user settings are not saved across Indago sessions
INDAGO-301 INDAGO The search tool does not show the 'log' result tab in interactive sessions
INDAGO-25932 INDAGO Double clicking between table columns should adjust the width to show all of the content of the column
INDAGO-27140 INDAGO Need a way to configure the number of messages saved in console history
INDAGO-26469 INDAGO xmsim crash with message: vst_name() - invalid class when ida_probe -log enabled
INDAGO-251 INDAGO Need an API to record source mapping (source and target)
INDAGO-29 INDAGO User should be able to copy the UVM hierarchy path from the Tops Tree
INDAGO-274 INDAGO Unable to see where xmsim runtime warnings originate from in Indago flow recording
INDAGO-26527 INDAGO Investigation - cannot bring the trace calculator to the front after clicking on Indago
INDAGO-22641 INDAGO Cannot drag and drop groups - degradation
INDAGO-22584 INDAGO Request a tcl API that calculates average, min, and max values on select signals
INDAGO-27436 INDAGO There is no indication to the user when the DISPLAY is not set correctly
INDAGO-116 INDAGO CCMPR02047380 Need access to Tops window in latest Indago ESWD with new waveforms
INDAGO-12 INDAGO Cannot open ida.db if path contains dir names with '.' and ':'
INDAGO-27383 INDAGO Virtual Liberty text references are missing

Cadence’s Xcelium Logic Simulator provides best-in-class core engine performance for SystemVerilog, VHDL, mixed-signal, low power, and x-propagation. It supports both single-core and multi-core simulation, incremental and parallel build, and save/restart with dynamic test reload. The Xcelium Logic Simulator has been deployed by a majority of top semiconductor companies, and a majority of top companies in the hyperscale, automotive and consumer electronics segments.

Using computational software and a proprietary machine learning technology that directly interfaces to the simulation kernel, Xcelium learns iteratively over an entire simulation regression. It analyzes patterns hidden in the verification environment and guides the Xcelium randomization kernel on subsequent regression runs to achieve matching coverage with reduced simulation cycles.

Xcelium is part of the Cadence Verification Suite and supports the company’s Intelligent System Design strategy, enabling pervasive intelligence and faster design closure.

Xcelium Simulator Training

Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic design and computational expertise, using its Intelligent System Design strategy to turn design concepts into reality. Cadence customers are the world’s most creative and innovative companies, delivering extraordinary electronic products from chips to boards to systems for the most dynamic market applications.

Product: Cadence XCELIUM
Version: 19.09.001 Base release *
Supported Architectures: x86_64
Website Home Page : www.cadence.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Linux *
Size: 8.6 Gb

Primary Executable Tool Version #
––––––––– –––––––
xrun 19.09-s001
specman 19.09.001-s
indago 19.09.001-s
xprof 19.09-s001
hal 19.09-s001

Integrated & Compatible with Version #
––––––––––- –––––––
VIPCAT Validated with VIPCAT 11.30.064-s-06-08-2019 but compatible with 11.30.045 and later.
VXE V18.6.0.s006
UXE V17.5.0.p47
MCE 175
JASPER 2019.06p002
imc/vManager 18.03-s005 or greater version

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems
Platform: lnx86
Architecture: x86_64
Supported OS: RHEL 6

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No mirrors please

Cadence XCELIUM version 19.09.001