ADAM Interactive Atlas 3.0

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ADAM Interactive Atlas 3.0

ADAM Interactive Atlas 3.0
Rapidshare | 260 Mb

Interactive Anatomy provides powerful tools and search capabilities, offering the end user unparalleled access to over 20,000 anatomical structures in four different views. Cadaver photographs, 3D models, pinned anatomical illustrations, and Slide Show, a built-in curriculum integration and authoring tool, augment Interactive Anatomy's core of award-winning digital medical illustrations. Interactive Anatomy is available to be checked out for in-library use only on the Mac platform.

Part 1 (100 Mb), Part 2 (100 Mb), Part 3 (67 Mb)

Or in THIS FOLDER(Number 7)
Password: diger
Recovery Data: 3%

P.S I have an image of 4-version of this stuff (~1.7 Gb) on my HDD but I have no serial/crack for it. I search everywhere and nothing. If anyone has it, please post it here so I can use it and upload for others…