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Cinescore Themes 1 of 4

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Themes for Sony Cinescore (1 of 4)
High Adrenaline - Fourth World Surge - Slow and Sincere
Spring Break Rock - The End of High Tech
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High Adrenaline
High Adrenaline is an up-tempo, drum 'n' bass styled Theme perfect for scoring high energy scenes. Dial up the Hard Edge Mood to keep your score rough and rugged, or select a variation that calls up walking bass lines, flashy keyboard solos, and blistering sax arrangements to lend a jazz feel to your composition.

Genre: Drum 'n' Bass
Tempo: Fast
Moods: Groovin', Softly, Hard Edge
Number of Variations: 23
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Fourth World Surge
Fourth World Surge is a premiere global groove, replete with worldly percussion and delicately processed electronic strings that are sure to mesmerize listeners into a dream state. Call up this pensive, slow tempo Theme and one of its many variations for a chilled out, surefire soundtrack.

Genre: Ambient
Tempo: Slow
Moods: Arpeggios, Full, Worldly
Number of Variations: 21
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Slow and Sincere
Turn down the lights and set the proper mood with this pop ballad arrangement. Slow and Sincere provides guitar, flute, organ, and full band Moods to give you the right amount of passion and emphasis, as well as solo instrument variations for that minimal effect.

Genre: Pop Ballad
Tempo: Slow
Moods: Guitar Emphasis, Flute Emphasis, Organ Emphasis, Full Band
Number of Variations: 21
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Spring Break Rock
Have some fun in the sun with this free wheeling rock Theme. Spring Break Rock has everything you need to get the party going, including big rock drum variations, wah guitar interludes, and special vocal and non-vocal arrangements.

Genre: Rock
Tempo: Medium
Moods: Rock Guitar, Wah Guitar, Laidback, No Vocals
Number of Variations: 17
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

The End of High Tech
Orchestral arrangements are tough to come by in the soundtrack creation world, but The End of High Tech delivers with flying colors. Choose from wind and string variations to set the tone, or select one of the vinyl variations for a little contemporary flavor.

Genre: Symphonic
Tempo: Medium Fast
Moods: Whole Orchestra, Strings & Percussion, Winds & Percussion, Vinyl - Whole Orchestra, Vinyl - Strings & Percussion, Vinyl - Winds & Percussion, Sound of Bristol
Number of Variations: 23
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Install Note:
Unpack with winrar, files *.csthemeand extract in folder:

" … Sony/Shared Plug-Ins/Cinescore Themes/ "