Cinescore Themes 2 of 4

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Cinescore Themes 2 of 4

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Themes for Sony Cinescore (2 of 4)
Wildfires - High Voltage - Klezmerada
Blizzard of Sparks - Many Rivers
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A mid-tempo electronic Theme with a bit of a sinister side to it, Wildfires blazes with noise beat, house, four-to-the-floor, and melodic trance variations. Turn up the heat on all your projects with this intricately constructed Theme.

Genre: Trance
Tempo: Medium Fast
Moods: Full On, Glitch, Minimum
Number of Variations: 23
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

High Voltage
True to its name, High Voltage cranks up the amps with screaming guitar riffs, rough synthesizers, pulsing bass, and rock 'n' roll drums. Bombastic and edgy, this Theme is perfect for all your action and adventure needs.

Genre: Rock
Tempo: Medium
Moods: Heavy Guitar, Tech Metal, Bigger Than Big
Number of Variations: 26
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Klezmerada is a rich, authentic embodiment of this historic musical tradition that will fit all your celebratory needs. With separate violin, flute and clarinet Moods, it's easy to get the proper arrangement to compliment your video. No wedding is complete without a little klezmer thrown into the mix.

Genre: Klezmer
Tempo: Medium Fast
Moods: Klezmer Jam, Violin Version, Flute Version, Clarinet Version
Number of Variations: 17
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Blizzard of Sparks
Blizzard of Sparks is bursting with elasticity. With 29 unique variations and three killer Mood settings, this Theme covers all the bases, from relaxed funk to Afro rhythms and back again. Another great electronica composition for your arsenal.

Genre: Electronica
Tempo: Medium Fast
Moods: Live Rhythm Section, Epic Dance, Massive Party
Number of Variations: 29
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Many Rivers
Graceful and majestic, Many Rivers is a heart-stopping Theme that calls to mind the old ambient electronic composers of yore. Light percussion variations add just a touch of forward motion to these evolving textures and patterns.

Genre: Ambient
Tempo: Medium Slow
Moods: Pure Drift, Subtle Percussion, Percussion
Number of Variations: 20
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Install Note:
Unpack with winrar, files *.csthemeand extract in folder:

" … Sony/Shared Plug-Ins/Cinescore Themes/ "