Cinescore Themes 3 of 4

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Cinescore Themes 3 of 4

Professional Soundtrack Creation
Themes for Sony Cinescore (2 of 4)
Rock 'n' Roll Reception - Really Fine Day - Progress
The Monaco Diamond - Polka Time!
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Rock 'n' Roll Reception
Feels from the '60s, '70s, and punk eras give Rock 'n' Roll Reception an authentic dynamic you won't find anywhere else. Dial up one of the 20 included variations, or adjust your hint settings to highlight different instrument solos and really get busy.

Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Tempo: Fast
Moods: It's Only R 'n' R, Organ Version, Trumpet Version, Heavy Guitar
Number of Variations: 20
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Really Fine Day
Smooth Rhodes piano, effective bass notes, and lush, dreamy pads give Really Fine Day a trip-hop feel, but subtle electronica and percussion variations give it just enough attitude and punch to hit all your high points when the situation calls for it.

Genre: New Age
Tempo: Medium
Moods: Modern, Driving, Minimum
Number of Variations: 20
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Melodic and effective, Progress is a warm electronic Theme that speaks volumes without crossing over into hardcore dance territory. Its light drums and multiple synth variations make it especially pliable in Cinescore software, where it can be used for a wide variety of video backdrops.

Genre: Techno
Tempo: Medium Slow
Moods: Crystalline, Warmth, Dance Club
Number of Variations: 20
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

The Monaco Diamond
A crown jewel in our collection, The Monaco Diamond is a treasure trove of musical possibilities all rolled up into one special Theme designed to make any video project sparkle. From hard-edge guitars and spacey synths to funk bass and '80s drums, The Monaco Diamond has an arrangement that will work for you, whether you're cutting an action sequence, a crowd scene, or your kid's first soccer game.

Genre: Multi-Genre
Tempo: Medium Slow
Moods: Hip and Jazzy, Lite Drums, Urban Flava, Rhythm Box, Hard Edge
Number of Variations: 60
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Polka Time!
Latin, techno and club polka?! This tried and true favorite gets an extreme makeover in Cinescore software with Polka Time! Stick with the classic arrangement, or try your hand at creating an entirely new cross over Theme. The choice is yours!

Genre: Polka
Tempo: Medium Fast
Moods: Yer Basic Polka, Small Group, No Vocal, Club Mix, Latin Mix
Number of Variations: 19
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec