Cinescore Themes 4 of 4

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Cinescore Themes 4 of 4

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Themes for Sony Cinescore (4 of 4)

The Forces of Evil - The Speed of Light - Night Clubbing
Pink Adrenaline - Slow Motion Bloom
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The Forces of Evil
If tension, suspense, and mystery are what you need to achieve perfection in your project, then join with The Forces of Evil. Creeping glitch ambience and foreboding strings are only the beginning of this multifaceted composition, which also features variations with sax, bells and piano.

Genre: Cinematic
Tempo: Medium
Moods: Tension, Ominous, Slightly Off
Number of Variations: 21
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

The Speed of Light
The Speed of Light encompasses a multitude of electronic music styles, from frenetic techno and heady glitch electro to slower piano-inflected variations, making it your go-to Theme for action sequences, news clips, and corporate presentations.

Genre: Techno
Tempo: Fast
Moods: Subtle Glitch, Trippy, Trippy Glitch
Number of Variations: 18
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Night Clubbing
Bring the dance floor to your desktop with this high energy blend of popular electronic music styles. From bangin' house music to special "live" variations well suited for crowd scenes, Night Clubbing is just what you need to bring a sleek, dynamic sound to all your production music needs.

Genre: Electronica
Tempo: Medium Fast
Moods: Deep Club, Deep Club (Alternate), Deep Club (Live), Discothèque, Discothèque (Live)
Number of Variations: 31
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Pink Adrenaline
With 36 variations and a wide selection of Moods, Pink Adrenaline is your ticket to creating high-impact dance music soundtracks for your project. Cue up your video, dial in your intensity levels, push the tempo, and let Cinescore software instantly generate a track that's right for you.

Genre: Electronica
Tempo: Medium Fast
Moods: Industrial Touch, Chill Out, Ethno Ambient, Nu Elektro
Number of Variations: 36
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Slow Motion Bloom
Light and delicate, Slow Motion Bloom is rich with emotion and discovery. Exquisite arp touches and basic percussion allow your scene to breathe, but electronic and expansive Moods are available for a little extra embellishment when necessary.

Genre: Ambient
Tempo: Slow
Moods: Smooth, Electronic, Expansive
Number of Variations: 20
Samples: 15 sec | 30 sec | 45 sec | 60 sec

Install Note:
Unpack with winrar, files *.cstheme and extract in folder:

" … Sony/Shared Plug-Ins/Cinescore Themes/ "