Har-Bal Equalization System v2.3

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Har-Bal Equalization System v2.3

Har-Bal Equalization System v2.3
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Har-Bal has caused a paradigm shift in the recording industry and is an award winning outstanding technical achievement.

This superior method of EQ'ing and harmonic balancing gives Har-Bal it's distinction as the premiere spectrum analyzer for the most important step in the CD mastering process. It truly separates an amateur recording from a professional recording and removes the need to test your CD's on different systems and environments.

In addition, unlike a typical digital equalizer, Har-Bal leaves the initial volume level unchanged even after performing spectral correction thanks to its "loudness compensation" technology.

Har-Bal allows you to easily tidy up the sound quality of mastered or un-mastered recordings while preserving the original intent of the producer and/or recording engineer.