Hide Folders XP 2.6 .1.1327

Posted By: bill_gates
New protection modes:
Hide folder, Lock folder, Hide & Lock folder If you are a Hide Folders™ XP 1.x user, you are probably know, that all hidden folders were inaccessible as well. So if you hide a folder with Hide Folders™ XP 1.x you also lock this folder. In Hide Folders™ XP 2 this mode is called Hide & Lock. When you add a new folder to Hide Folders™ XP list, it will receive Hide & Lock protection attribute by default. There are 3 additional protection modes available in Hide Folders™ XP 2: Hide folder protection mode. The protected file or folder will not be visible to a user, but it will be possible to access it if you know the path to the object. This may be helpful when you want to hide application folders but allow running the applications from these folders. E.g. you may hide Hide Folders™ XP application folder, so nobody will know about it, but if you type from the command prompt "C:\Program Files\HFXP2\hfxp.exe", Hide Folders XP will run. Lock folder protection mode. The protected file or folder will be visible but not accessible. It is similar to built-in protection of Windows NT-based operating systems on NTFS volumes. You cannot use this protection method for Windows, System and Hide Folders™ XP application folders. No protection mode. If you choose this method, your file or folder will remain unprotected even if the protection is activated.

New: - 16 Nov 2006

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed (we hope)

Hide Folders XP 2.6

+ You can now Drag passwords from password managers into Hide Folders XP password prompt
+ Hide "Hide Folders XP" process feature added
+ Disable protection when Hide Folders XP popups option added
- Trojan False Positive issue fixed