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McAfee PreScan v1.0 SP1 With Hotfix

Posted By: abdliuae
McAfee PreScan v1.0 SP1 With Hotfix

Software | 4.5MB

What is McAfee PreScan ?

PreScan is an anti-virus product that operates in the native mode of MS Windows when the system is starting up. PreScan will run an on-demand scan when MS Windows is executing its startup sequence.

For example, this is the same phase of system startup as an MS Windows automatic checkdisk will typically execute. PreScan is designed to be used in a virus outbreak situation, where other methods of detection and cleaning may not be as effective. PreScan adds a new layer to the multi-tiered approach to anti-virus protection that McAfee products currently offer.

PreScan is deployed and managed only via ePolicy Orchestrator or Protection Pilot. PreScan runs before the system has been logged into the network by scheduling a system reboot and then a scan. It should not be used as a replacement for VirusScan Enterprise as it does not provide the same level of functionality that VirusScan Enterprise provides, rather it is a tool to provide an additional level of scanning in critical situations.

Why scan the computer at startup?

It is simpler to scan and clean the computer at startup for the following reasons:
The Win32 subsystem is not loaded
NT services are not running
Software applications other than native mode programs are not loaded at startup

Who should use McAfee PreScan?

Enterprise network administrators, who use McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator to maintain their network computers.

McAfee PreScan integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software version 3.0.2a and later. This enables you to roll out PreScan across a number of computers simultaneously and initiate anti-virus scanning by rebooting the client computer.

When should I use McAfee PreScan?

You should use McAfee PreScan if you suspect a virus outbreak, and want to take corrective steps. By initiating anti-virus scanning on the client computer, you can reboot and scan individual, group or all computers on your enterprise network managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

McAfee PreScan is a disaster recovery tool for occasional use. It should be used to determine if network system machines have been infected with stealthing malware that is difficult to remove using conventional McAfee products.

McAfee PreScan can detect and clean all stealthing malware that regular McAfee products detect and clean. However, due to the timing of the scan in the boot sequence McAfee PreScan can sometimes be better placed to remove the more difficult malware than regular products that scan and detect latter in the system boot sequence.

It is advisable to ensure that PreScan is pre-deployed on your network via ePO / Protection Pilot (as per the product documentation) so that in the event of an outbreak you are prepared to invoke McAfee PreScan on rebooting your system

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