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Phone Recorder Plus v1.0.3.2

Posted By: abdliuae
General Points:

Phone Recorder
Record and manage your phone calls through your voice modem - including powerful calls log, calls search, specific greetings etc…

Let Third Party Listen The Call
You can play the call while it is being recorded. Speakers or earphones can be attached and a third party can also listen to the call, while recording is taking place.

Full Answering Machine
Full powerful Answering Machine program for your personal computer including all possible options which turn the procedures of accepting a call and returning a call into comfortable and efficient experiences

Professional Calls Log
'Phone Recorder Plus 1.0' allows you to read registered calls with the 'Date Picker'. It can show you calls from a week ago, month or even a year… all incoming and outgoing calls saved to your computer.

The Calls List
To each registered call you can add a flag or a remark. Also, you can categorize calls in folders as: 'Family', 'Friends', 'Work' etc.

The Events
While receiving a call, the name and number of caller will be displayed with a picture. You can activate preferred sound (from 8 different ring-tones by default) or hear the name and number by Text To Speech. Receiving calls is now a real adventure to the senses!

Manual Call Control
While receiving a call you can answer it according to unique chosen features in real time: record call, activate answering machine, hang up(drop), do nothing and let it ring, all with just the push of a button.

Professional Voice Mail Box
With 'Phone Recorder Plus 1.0' voice mail you can listen to calls received, and erase them even from out of your home or office by any external phone. Playing the calls, and editing them is done with an editable and easy-to-use voice menu.

Personal Web-Site
One of this program's most powerful attributes is its internet server - creating a site, in which you can read, edit, erase phone calls received and even change the general features from anywhere in the world using any Internet browser.

Forwarding details of incoming calls to your e-mail
The program can be sending each phone call's details, directly to your e-mail or to a program in your personal computer. Details like : name of caller, hour, date, voice contents etc…

Saving a lot of disk space
This program allows you to save the voice messages with 4 different compressed modes (up to 1.1 KBps) on the poplar WAV format.

Cut the silence section
Certain telephone companies around the world do not send information of disconnected event, this program use the silence detection technic to identify the "silence time" and cut this from the recorded message in the end the call. Meaning - it cuts the unnecessary time so that when you listen to a message, the silence" part is already deleted. This giving you a quality time listening to calls, not wasting it listening to long silences…

Caller ID Features
If your telephone line and your modem support Caller ID feature, you can activate many more advanced features as: blocking calls, playing specific greetings, activate events and notices, all this according to caller.

Create greeting with the Speaker or Text To Speech
Create a voice message- you can say it by your voice to your microphone, or type a text and the program will transfer it to a voice greeting.

Runs as a service
You can Log Off or Switch Users, 'Phone Recorder Plus 1.0' runs as a service and stay's on the background to receive new phone calls.

And Much More
All basic and regular known Phone Recorder and Answering Machine features exist here - Pre screen calls, limited / unlimited recorded time, defining voice mail time, dragging calls, saving them to your computer, Powerful search. These features and more can be operated from your computer without being a registered member here or in other third party site.

System Requirement:

* Intel Pentium 233 (or an equal processor as AMD) or more.
* Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.
* Voice Modem.
* Sound Card.
* Text To Speech 5.1

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