Portable WinZip ver. 10

Posted By: maverik53
Portable WinZip ver. 10

Portable WinZip ver. 10 | 3,2 Mb

WinZip the original and most popular compression utility for Windows, is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that quickly zips and unzips your files to conserve disk space and greatly reduce e-mail transmission time.

The new WinZip 10.0 offers powerful new compression technology that creates even smaller Zip files. And the new Explorer-style view makes working with complex, multi-folder Zip files a snap.

WinZip 10.0 includes the WinZip Job Wizard, a powerful tool that offers predefined data backup jobs, the ability to customize and schedule zipping tasks, and FTP-upload functionality. And with WinZip , you can zip and burn directly on CDs/DVDs!