East West Samples Quantum Leap Brass KONTAKT

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East West Samples Quantum Leap Brass KONTAKT

East West Samples Quantum Leap Brass KONTAKT | 797 Mb

Quantum Leap Brass East West's Quantum Leap Brass fills an important void in most orchestral sample libraries. Desktop musicians who strive for variety and verisimilitude in their jazz and symphonic scores inevitably fall flat when it comes to adding convincing brass parts. In most sample libraries, you can find a modest assortment of solo trumpets, trombones and saxophones, but few offerings explore the full range of expressive and idiomatic techniques that brass players use. Quantum Leap Brass, on the other hand, truly revels in the unique sounds that brass instruments make.

Throughout the original Akai and Giga files, MANY samples are reused or duplicated. Thus causing this build to be a very huge library. Now they are remapped, all duplications removed and scripted completely for kontakt.

Format: NKI WAV

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