Resume Maker Professional v 11.0

Posted By: bill_gates
Feature set:
Resume Maker Professional has many of the same features that Resume Maker Career Edition minus the free typing program. Resume Maker Professional includes the same contact manager tools, expert advice, video interview practice tools and job search engine links.

You can import a previous resume into Resume Maker Professional so that you don't have to start from scratch on your resume. You can also email and publish your resume as a webpage, but you can't save your resume in PDF format as you can in Resume Maker Career Edition.

Ease of Use/Installation:
Installation of Resume Maker Professional went smoothly, without errors or problems. This program is nearly identical in style and function to Resume Maker Career Edition.

Some users may feel the opening screen on Resume Maker Professional is easier to use than that of the Resume Maker Career Edition. This product's top-navigation design allows quick access to sets of features (see screenshot 1) and was the only organizational difference we found between the Professional and the Career Editions.

Resume Maker Professional Screenshots. Click to Enlarge

Editing/Organizational Tools:
Resume Maker Professional includes all the same editing and formatting tools that Resume Maker Career Edition contains, including a thesaurus so you can find synonyms in a pinch.

You can easily make chronological resumes and functional resumes. You may also customize your resume to match the job level that you are applying for (i.e. entry level, graduate, professional, etc.). And to get just the right look, Resume Maker offers 155 different resume fonts.

One editing feature that we felt was missing from Resume Maker was the ability to automatically shrink your resume to fit on a single page.

Customer Service:
The email we sent to Individual Software was answered quickly. Individual Software answered all of our questions and shipped our product fast.

Resume Maker Professional is a good resume writing tool with a wide variety of resources to help you build an impressive, one-of-a-kind resume. And priced $10.00 below the sister product, Resume Maker Career Edition, Resume Maker Professional is a steal of a deal.

system requirements:
A personal computer with a Pentium/ AMD 600MHz processor or faster
Windows 2000 and later
64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)