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Taskbar Hide v1.28.2

Posted By: abdliuae
Hide windows program (applications) or /Show/Close /

Using Taskbar Hide you can hide any running application window. All you need to do is to select the application in the Taskbar Hide list and click Hide icon or click mouse right button to popup the menu and select hide item for the change to take effect. Taskbar Hide is also able to hide/show/close the program windows quickly through pressing a hotkey.

Hide/Show icons from the system tray /

You can hide some of the less used icons from the system tray. The operation is the same as to Hide/Show application windows. Now this function supports windows me/2000/xp.

Modify application windows order on taskbar

You can arrange the windows on taskbar according to your preference. Select the application in the Taskbar Hide list and use Up and Down arrows to reorder the application windows. This feature becomes useful when you want to put related application windows together.

Stay on top window

You can select Always on top (topmost) or Normal (Non-topmost). The former places the selected window above all non-topmost windows, and this window will maintains its topmost position even when it is deactivated. The latter places the selected window above all other non-topmost windows but below all topmost windows.

Minimize to tray

You can minimize any running application window to the system tray instead of an icon on your taskbar. You can bring the application window back to normal by using Show, or double click left mouse button on the icons or click right mouse button from the menu.

Hide taskbar

You can select to hide taskbar or Hide/Show any of the following: taskbar, start button, task window, system tray, and time clock.
Window Properties

You can find out more information of the selected window with the Window Properties dialog box. Such as window handle, class name, process id, thread id, window style and exstyle.

Maximize all windows

You can use Taskbar Hide to maximize all windows or only IE windows so that they cover the entire screen. Also you can minimize all windows to taskbar.

More Information :

Download (Taskbar.Hide.v1.28.2) :