Texas Calculatem ver. 4.2.67

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Texas Calculatem ver. 4.2.67

Texas Calculatem ver. 4.2.67

Texas Calculatem's intuitive interface shows you your exact situation at a glance. The table, advice bar, and poker odds chart give you just enough information without being too overwhelming. A novice may choose to simply follow the advice given. More experienced Texas Holdem users will find the additional info, including odds of making certain hands, odds of one of your opponents making certain hands, # outs, pre-flop hand strength & Sklansky score, very useful. In the fast paced Texas Holdem online environment, it is essential to have a poker calculator watching along with you.

Texas Calculatem offers the best features so you can win more!
Convenient "Drag and Drop" feature that easily attaches the tool to your live online Texas Holdem table

Watches you play: All positions, folds, and cards are now read automatically, allowing you to fully concentrate on the Texas Holdem game. Absolutely no input is required during play.

Watching "Fold Depth", Texas Calculatem™ makes better predictions of what a poker player may have held given the time they folded

Allows Texas Holdem poker players to adjust the tool to their style of play (e.g. tight, aggressive, etc.)

Gives advice on how you should play your Texas Holdem hand given probabilities of you vs. your opponent

Spyware Free!

NEW: Introducing Texas Calculatem 4.0! You no longer have to manually enter any information. Simply let TC run in the background, and it will do the rest. All players and cards are automatically monitored. Advice and odds are given instantly, while you play.

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