WordHacker Gold Edition 4.1

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WordHacker Gold Edition 4.1

WordHacker Gold Edition 4.1 | 6 Mb

WordHacker helps you expand the size and level of your English vocabulary! Fair or not, people judge you and your ideas by the words you use. In as little as 15 minutes a day, after a period of leaning vocabulary, you can :
Communicate effectively!
Impress friends and co-workers!
Read text quicker,understand better!
Score high on SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL & other tests!!

1. Audio Pronunciations.. (Hot!)
Each word is pronounced in standard American accent providing you with native pronunciation to imitate. 92% of our users say they like this feature very much in our survey 2003.

2. 20,000 Words…
Include a 20,000 Words English Dictionary word-database

3. Brief Definition…
Definition of each word is phrased by basic and familiar words so that even with only a modest command of English you can readily understand all the meanings.

4. Example Sentences… (Hot!)
Each word has example sentences for almost every meaning of every word. Example sentences are the most important things in a dictionary for learners, because they show you how to use a word.

5. Vivid Illustrations… (Hot!)
Illustrations related to each word are provided to improve your comprehension.These proper images are from various of web sites.

6. Root Morphemes… (Hot!)
Root Morphemes in each word spelling is colored so as to outline its basic structure.

7. Word Frequency…
Word Frequency of each word is marked(from 1 to 20) so that you know which words constitute the core vocabulary of the English language and thus are well worth learning.

8. Phonemic Transcriptions…
Each word has phonetic transcriptions, so you can read how to pronounce every word. The transcriptions are based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) — the most popular phonetic alphabet in the world.

9. SAT,GRE,GMAT & TOEFL Word List… (Hot!)
SAT,GRE,GMAT & TOEFL word lists are included respectively.And you can import your own word list by just clicking a button. GRE verbal test items(Analogy,Antonyms,Synonyms) are included, which will help you score high in GRE verbal section easily and get offer earlier!!

10. Search Words on web automatically
Search current word you are learning on web sites automatically to bring rich content to you: text and images on, definitions in German,Spanish,Italian,French on,M-W word definitions on, Thesaurus on You can even add more web sites by yourself.