Talib Kweli - Quality

Posted By: Supa Man
If you're into Hip-Hop, then this album is a keeper. It's not the stereo-typical gangster rap stuff, it's more about good beats and rhyming about things that you wouldn't be embarrased to speak (well mostly anyway). So if you're up for some quality hip-hop, check it out. Though I will say, if you dig it, his OLDER stuff with Mos Def & Hi-Tek is much better in my book.

Talib Kweli - Quality

Cheb Mami - Dellali

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A great artist with an awesome voice and a way of making extremely upbeat and moving music. He blends his traditional music (rai) with dance, hip-hop, funk, and rock. He's also played with the likes of Sting on his Brand New Day album.

Bitrate: 192kbps

Encoder: Lame mp3

Released: 2001

Buddy Guy - Bring 'Em In (2005)

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Another fabulous release by this great Blues artist. Some really interesting mixes of guest artists as well (Anthony Hamilton & Tracy Chapman to name a couple). I know it's been upped before, but it needs to be upped again. Enjoy! :)

Buddy Guy - Bring 'Em In | Released: 2005 | Bitrate: 192kbps

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams (2005)

Posted By: Supa Man
What I would say is the best Jack Johnson album yet! If you've not heard of him then it's time you did. Good grooves for just about any mood. One could call it bonfire rock-and-roll played by a surfer from Hawai'i, or just background noise to keep your heart beating. enjoy!

1. Better Together
2. Never Know
3. Banana Pancakes
4. Good People

Ray Charles - Genius & Friends (2005)

Posted By: Supa Man
Another classic album of Ray Charles songs with many awesome guests. It has a definite POP flavor, but there are some gems. ;-) Enjoy!

Stereo MCs - Paradise (2005)

Posted By: Supa Man

A great new release from the Stereo MCs. Hard to believe they're still around perhaps, but once you listen to this album you're realize that their grooves are BACK in action! So get down with your bad self and crank the volume knob WAY up!

ACDSee Photo Viewer 5.0

Posted By: Supa Man
The best I've found in my many years. At the very least it's like what you get with Windows XP when you view your photos in thumbnail or slideshow mode, but MUCH more features and very intuitive to use!

dbPowerAMP v11 - FULL with codecs!

Posted By: Supa Man
The best music converter utility I've found in years. Comes with all codecs needed to convert just about any audio file format to another quickly and reliably.

Download here:

Password to extract: www.AvaxHome.ru

WinRAR Corporate Edition 3.3

Posted By: Supa Man
Simply the best archiver out there for both RAR and ZIP files. Comes with themes too!

All files needed are here:

UPDATE: I got the password wrong, the real one is: sth1453

Sorry bout that!

Bob Marley - Uprising

Posted By: Supa Man

A great reggae album, definitely recommended!