Talib Kweli - Quality

Posted By: Supa Man
If you're into Hip-Hop, then this album is a keeper. It's not the stereo-typical gangster rap stuff, it's more about good beats and rhyming about things that you wouldn't be embarrased to speak (well mostly anyway). So if you're up for some quality hip-hop, check it out. Though I will say, if you dig it, his OLDER stuff with Mos Def & Hi-Tek is much better in my book.

Talib Kweli - Quality

Released: 2002

Bitrate: 192kbps

Track Listing:
1. Keynote Speaker
2. Rush
3. Get By
4. Shock Body
5. Gun Music
6. Waitin' For The DJ
7. Joy
8. Talk To You (Lil' Darlin')
9. Guerilla Monsoon Rap
10. Put It In The Air
11. The Proud
12. Where Do We Go
13. Stand To The Side
14. Good To You
15. Won't You Stay

Editorial Reviews
After collaborations with Mos Def (1998's Black Star) and Hi-Tek (2000's Reflection Eternal), underground journeyman Talib Kweli finally emerges fully solo with Quality. As an MC, Kweli is still as incisive as ever--his distinctive, darting flow stabs its way across every song and, as one of hip-hop's better thinkers, he covers a wide range of moods and ideas. As a verbal ass-whupper, Kweli unloads on songs like "Rush," "Shock Body," and "Guerrilla Monsoon Rap" (featuring the Roots' Black Thought and Pharoahe Monch), but he takes things much further than just the lyricist's lounge. "Get By," produced beautifully by Kayne West, is the conscious hustler's anthem, while "Where Do We Go" muses on death as thoughtfully and introspectively as "Joy" (with Mos Def) delves into the wonders of birth. "The Proud" tackles American jingoism in a time of terror, providing a much needed dose of skepticism when patriotic sentimentalism has free reign. Though Kweli's thoughts are coherent throughout, Quality as a whole lacks a certain cohesion--there's no single guiding vision that glues all the pieces together, and the album's production-by-ensemble doesn't help. This is a solid album no question, but especially compared to ambitious contemporaneous concept albums by peers such as Common and the Roots, Quality feels unexpectedly conventional--a strong collection of songs in need of a unifying force. --Oliver Wang

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