Cheb Mami - Dellali

Posted By: Supa Man
A great artist with an awesome voice and a way of making extremely upbeat and moving music. He blends his traditional music (rai) with dance, hip-hop, funk, and rock. He's also played with the likes of Sting on his Brand New Day album.

Bitrate: 192kbps

Encoder: Lame mp3

Released: 2001

Track Listing:
1. Le Rai C'est Chic
2. Khalouni
3. Viens Habibi
4. Madanite
5. Rim Lachoua
6. Yahamami
7. Ana Oualache
8. Ma Vie 2 Fois
9. Tzazae
10. Zarartou
11. Mamazareh
12. Machi Chaba
13. Haoulou

Editorial Reviews
Paralleling the origins of the Western world's early rock & roll, punk, and hip-hop (as well as the blues and reggae), rai originated in Algeria's underclass as homegrown recreational art. The personal became political, and as its popularity (and controversy) grew, the music--marked by raw, provocative, and willful vocals--became a beautifully uplifting and rebellious expression, a flag claimed and raised high by Algeria's young. One of the form's earliest innovators, Cheb Mami fled to Paris where he has for two decades been a rising star, blending rai with dance, hip-hop, funk, and rock, in a string of ever-more accessible recordings. His international calling card, however, was backing Sting on the if-you-haven't-heard-it-you've-been-living-under-a-rock "Desert Rose." Neither a purist nor a misstep-fearing artist, Mami goes for broke with his brave new record, Dellali. Sinewy, sophisticated, and genre-expansive, Dellali features Mami's barbed-wire vocals cutting through multi-layered fields of wild and orchestral violin, accordion, cello, oud, and drums. In turnabout, Sting backs Mami on a track, and late Nashville sensation Chet Atkins is on guitar on backing vocals. But the most shimmering and soulful moments come when the London Community Gospel Choir bust a glorious move to make Dellali a grandiose explosion of nearly perfect sound. --Paige La Grone


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