Weather Reports, Forecasts & Flight Planning

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Terry T. Lankford, «Weather Reports, Forecasts & Flight Planning»
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing | ISBN 0071354565 | 3rd edition (December 20, 1999) | PDF | 3,7 Mb | 470 pages

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Book Description
A clear, practical, applicable guide for putting weather information to work in flight. Key features: new chapter on satellite imagery; completely revised to new METAR weather reporting format; wind chill/comfort index added; new technology, procedures, and National Weather Service reorganization; new weather resources and products identified and explained.

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Whether you're flying into the wild blue yonder, gray skies, or pitch-black night, Terry T. Lankford's classic weather guide for pilots is your one dispensable source for clear meteorological information.

From the Back Cover

Praise for previous editions: "The best new book on the subject…comprehensive, authoritative, and filled with examples and illustrations…beneficial to student pilots and pros alike."–AOPA Pilot

"Lankford's book does a much better job of helping pilots understand reports and forecasts than Aviation Weather Services. In addition, Lankford explains quite a bit of meteorology as he shows you how to understand written material and charts."–Flight Training magazine

Whether you're flying into the wild blue yonder, gray skies, or pitch-black night, Terry T. Lankford's classic weather guide for pilots is your one indispensable source for clear meteorological information. In this easy-to-understand book, FAA Weather Specialist and 30-year veteran pilot Lankford gives pilots practical weather guidance for safer flights.

In WEATHER REPORTS, FORECASTS & FLIGHT PLANNING, you'll find more than weather theory and simple assessment information. Terry Lankford gives you:

* Hands-on advice on pilot interpretation and application of diverse weather information
* The voice of experience in applying real-life techniques to specific information
* Pilot-tested, best-practice procedures for all types of conditions, forecasts, and flight planning
* Vital information on challenges such as vorticity, icing, low-level wind shear, thunderstorms, and turbulence
* A pilot-savvy understanding of the limitations and evolution of weather forecasting
* Clarifications of dangerous misunderstandings and misconceptions about weather forecasts and terminology
* The most efficient ways to get the meteorological information you need and make maximum use of FAA automated services
* Decoding of weather and NOTAM abbreviations

* Coverage of satellite imagery
* Completely updated to METAR format
* NEXRAD and Leading-Edge radar products
* National Weather Service procedures, techniques, reorganization
* Aviation Weather Channel web page help
* Mountain Wave Forecasts information
* Wind chill/comfort index

Providing the equivelant of in-depth experience in gathering, interpreting, and applying meteorological information, this book puts the goal of weather-wise piloting within easy reach. WEATHER REPORTS, FORECASTS & FLIGHT PLANNING will raise your confidence level as it raises your skills.