Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications

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Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications

Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications By Bernd Jahne, Horst Haussecker, Peter Geissler
Publisher: Aca,,demic Pre,ss 1999 | 955 Pages | ISBN: 012379773X | PDF | 30 MB

This handbook offers a fresh approach to computer vision. The whole vision process from image formation to measuring, recognition, or reacting is regarded as an integral process. Computer vision is understood as the host of techniques to acquire, process, analyze, and understand complex higher-dimensional data from our environment for scientic and technical exploration. In this sense the handbook takes into account the interdisciplinary nature of computer vision with its links to virtually all natural sciences and attempts to bridge two important gaps. The first is between modern physical sciences and the many novel techniques to acquire images. The second is between basic research and applications. When a reader with a background in one of the felds related to computer vision feels he has learned something from one of the many other facets of computer vision, the handbook will have fullled its purpose. The handbook comprises three volumes. The third volume, Systems and Applications, describes how computer vision is integrated into systems and applications.

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