Storage Area Networks: Designing and Implementing a Mass Storage System by Ralph H. Thornburgh

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Storage Area Networks: Designing and Implementing a Mass Storage System by Ralph H. Thornburgh, Barry J. Schoenborn
Publisher: Pearson Education; 1st edition (September 2000) | ISBN: 0130279595 | CHM | 2,1 Mb | 320 pages

- Evaluating, planning, and migrating to SAN storage architectures
- SAN concepts, components, and applications—in depth
- Management, backup, disaster recovery, and day-to-day administration
- Includes an overview of Fibre Channel, the SAN enabler
- The complete guide to SAN technology for every implementer and manager!

Every month, enterprises require more information, delivered faster, with greater reliability—and traditional data storage methods no longer suffice. Enter the Storage Area Network (SAN), which can store enormous amounts of data, serve it at lightning speed, scale to meet accelerating growth, and deliver unprecedented reliability. Now, there's a complete guide to SAN technology for every IT professional and decision-maker. Storage Area Networks covers it all: key concepts, components, applications, implementation examples, management, and much more. Coverage includes:

What SANs are, what they can do, and how they overcome the critical limitations of earlier data storage systems
Evolving to SANs: best practices for building SANs from your legacy storage topologies
An overview of Fibre Channel, the key enabling technology for SANs
SAN configuration, device, and connectivity options—in depth
Well-managed SANs: day-to-day administration, backup, restore, and disaster recovery
A detailed review of Hewlett-Packard's market-leading SAN product line: Fibre Channel chips, host bus adapters, hubs, arrays, tape libraries, bridges, switches, and more
Storage Area Networks also previews the future of SAN technology: policy-based SANs, emerging applications, and more. Whether you're considering a SAN for the first time, or you want a comprehensive management reference for the SAN you've already invested in, this book offers the insights, techniques, and guidance you need right now.

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