The Essential Guide to Semiconductors by Jim Turley

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The Essential Guide to Semiconductors by Jim Turley
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (December 19, 2002) | ISBN: 013046404X | CHM | 1,8 Mb | 239 pages

- An up-to-the-minute briefing on the entire semiconductor industry
- Technology, applications, and markets—explained in English
- Explains today's state-of-the-art silicon design and manufacturing techniques
- Contains expert insights from one of the industry's leading analysts and editors

The Essential Guide to Semiconductors is a complete professional's guide to the business andtechnology of semiconductor design and manufacturing. Leading semiconductor industry analystand editor Jim Turley illuminates every facet of the industry, explaining its fast-changingtechnologies, markets, and business models simply, clearly, and without unnecessary jargon.
Covers a wide range of semiconductor applications: cellphones, cars, computers, gaming systems, and much more
Conceptual enough for laypeople and nontechnical investors—and sufficiently detailed for technical readers
Includes a wide range of diagrams and flowcharts to promote understanding
Presents accessible explanations of how silicon chips are designed and built
Shows how the entire industry fits together, helping readers understand key niches, market segments, and opportunities


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The Essential Guide to Semiconductors  by Jim Turley
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