Hands-On Guide to Windows Media

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Hands-On Guide to Windows Media

Hands-On Guide to Windows Media
Publisher: Focal Press | ISBN: 0240807596 | edition 2005 | PDF | 289 pages | 3,93 mb

Hands-On Guide to Windows Media is a practical guide that teaches how to distribute audio and video efficiently and effectively over computer networks.This book enables you to get up and running quickly and focuses on one of the most popular tools in the streaming media universe, Windows Media. This book will help you to understand the unique characteristics and demands of streaming audio and video information over packet-switched networks. Ideal even for non-technical readers.
* Learn how to deliver audio and video products and messages in a way that meets business goals without compromising quality or breaking budgets
* Contains step-by-step examples and codeeasy enough for those of us that are not-so-technical
* Real-world case studies and anecdotes provide examples, illustrate pitfalls, and provide best-practices
Hands-On Guide to Windows Media

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