Project Management with the IBM Rational Unified Process: Lessons From The Trenches

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R. Dennis Gibbs, «Project Management with the IBM(R) Rational Unified Process(R): Lessons From The Trenches»
IBM Press | ISBN 0321336399 | 1st edition (July 27, 2006) | CHM | 2,37 Mb | 312 Pages



This is the definitive guide to managing software development projects with the IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP®). Drawing on his extensive experience managing projects with the RUP, R. Dennis Gibbs covers the entire development lifecycle, from planning and requirements to post-mortems and system maintenance. Gibbs offers especially valuable insights into using the RUP to manage outsourced projects and any project relying on distributed development teams–outsourced, insourced, or both.

This “from the trenches” guidebook is invaluable for anyone interested in best practices for managing software development: project managers, team leaders, procurement and contracting specialists, quality assurance and software process professionals, consultants, and developers. If you’re among the 750,000+ professionals already using the RUP, Gibbs will help you more effectively use it.