Analytical Models for Decision Making

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Analytical Models for Decision Making

Colin Sanderson, Reinhold Gruen, "Analytical Models for Decision Making"
2006 | pages: 248 | ISBN: 0335218458 | PDF | 7,5 mb

Health care systems are complex and, as a result, it is often unclear what the effects of changes in policy or service provision might be. At the same time, resources for health care tend to be in short supply, which means that public health practitioners have to make difficult decisions. This book describes the quantitative and qualitative methods that can help decision-makers to structure and clarify difficult problems and to explore the implications of pursuing different options. The accompanying CD ROM provides the opportunity to try out some of the proposed solutions.
The book examines:

- Models and decision-making in health care

- Methods for clarifying complex decisions

- Models for service planning and resource allocation

- Modelling for evaluating changes in systems

Series Editors: Rosalind Plowman and Nicki Thorogood.

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