Gender and Language Theory and Practice (Repost)

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Gender and Language  Theory and Practice (Repost)

Lia Litosseliti, "Gender and Language Theory and Practice"
2006 | pages: 201 | ISBN: 0340809590 | PDF | 1,1 mb

The book introduces both theoretical and applied perspectives, identifying and explaining the relevant frameworks and drawing on a range of activities/examples of how gender is constructed in discourse.
The book is divided into three parts. Part I covers the historical background to the study of gender and language, moving on through past theoretical approaches to a discussion of current debates in the field, with particular emphasis on the role of discourse analysis. In Part II, gender is examined in context with chapters focussing on gender and language in education, the mass media and the workplace. Finally, Part III briefly looks at key principles and approaches to gender and language research and includes activities, study questions and resources for teachers in the field.
Rich with examples and activities drawn from current debates and events, this book is designed to be appealing and informative and will capture the imaginations of readers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines.

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