Global Masculinities: Interrogations and Reconstructions

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Global Masculinities: Interrogations and Reconstructions

Mangesh Kulkarni, "Global Masculinities: Interrogations and Reconstructions"
English | ISBN: 0367001918 | 2018 | 264 pages | PDF | 4 MB

What does it mean to be male in today’s world?
This volume interrogates the myriad practices and myth-making that underlie dominant and subordinate constructions of masculinities around the world. Challenging the patriarchal bias that restricts alternative understanding of masculinities, this volume documents and shares evidence, insights and direction on how men and boys can creatively contribute to gender equality in the twenty-first century.
The book:
highlights the many lives of men and their interactions with socioeconomic and political processes, including the family, fatherhood, migration, development and violence;
critiques hegemonic masculinities, and grapples with effective practices that engage men in the empowerment of women;
explores how cultures of masculinity can be transformed to promote social justice, conflict-resolution and peace-building within and across nations
The book will be indispensable to researchers interested in critical masculinity studies, women’s studies, sociology, social anthropology, law, public policy, political science and international relations. It will also be of great relevance to government officials, NGO activists, and other practitioners concerned with gender, health and development issues.