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Analysis of Medical Modalities for Improved Diagnosis in Modern Healthcare

Posted By: yoyoloit
Analysis of Medical Modalities for Improved Diagnosis in Modern Healthcare

Analysis of Medical Modalities for Improved Diagnosis in Modern Healthcare
by Varun Bajaj

English | 2021 | ISBN: 0367705362 | 345 pages | True PDF | 10.66 MB

In modern healthcare, various medical modalities play key role in obtaining improved diagnosis performance used in various applications such as prosthesis design; surgical implant design; diagnosis and prognosis; detection of abnormalities in treatment of various diseases etc. This also uses analysis, modeling, and manipulation of modalities such as EEG, ECG, EMG, PCG, EOG, MRI, FMRI etc. for automatic identification and classification and diagnosis of different types of disorder and physiological states. The analysis and its applications for post-processing and diagnosis are much needed topics for a number of researchers and faculty members all across the world in the field of automated and efficient diagnosis using medical modalities. To meet the needs, this book emphasizes on real time challenges in medical modalities for variety of applications for analysis, classification, identification and diagnosis processes of healthcare system. Each chapter begins with an appropriate introduction and covers the need and motivation of the medical modality and a number of applications for realizing improved healthcare system. The chapters can be read independently by research scholars, graduate students, faculty members, and practicing scientists who wish to explore research in various disciplines of healthcare system, such as Computer Sciences, Medical Sciences, Biomedical engineering.

The need of the book arises to better understand the healthcare system behaviour; concepts; principles; case studies and many more so that future research direction could be made better and the research efforts be strengthened. The book also aims to overcome the gap between usage of medical modalities and healthcare system. Several novel applications of medical modalities have been unlocked in recent years and thus discussing new applications, challenges and solutions for healthcare systems will be the focus of this book.