Mobile Information Systems - Reup

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Mobile Information Systems - Reup

Mobile Information Systems
Springer | 2004 | 349 pages | ISBN: 0387228519 | PDF | 20.5 Mb

This book contains the proceedings of the IFIP TC8 Working Conference on Mobile Information Systems, which was held in September 2004 in Oslo, Norway and sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).
Mobile Information Systems aims to:
- Clarify differences and similarities between the development of mobile vs. more traditional information system.
- Investigate the organizational impact of mobile information systems.
- Investigate mCommerce relative to eCommerce.
- Investigate mobile commerce applications combined with the advantages of mobile communications technologies, the drivers of which have been identified as ubiquity, reachability, security, convenience, localization, instant connectivity and personalization.
- Evaluate existing and newly developed approaches for analysis, design, implementation, and evolution of mobile information systems.
- Investigate technical issues and the constraints they pose on mobile information systems functionalities and design.