Franchising For Dummies (Repost)

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Franchising For Dummies (Repost)

Michael Seid, Dave Thomas, "Franchising For Dummies"
2006 | pages: 408 | ISBN: 0470045817 | PDF | 35,3 mb

Franchising for Dummies, by Michael Seid and Dave Thomas, details everything you need to know about this ever-popular route to self-employment. In typical Dummies fashion, it outlines the basics (from initial research through signing on the dotted line); development procedures (such as training employees, choosing locations, and buying goods); running the business (attracting customers, managing staff, dealing with franchisors); and moving on (considering further acquisitions, franchising your own ideas). Seid, a well-known consultant with 20 years in the field, and Thomas, the high-profile founder of and low-key spokesman for the fast-food chain Wendy's International, make this volume especially valuable by including inside tips taken from their extensive personal experience.

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