Beginning Lua Programming (Programmer to Programmer)

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Beginning Lua Programming (Programmer to Programmer)

Title: Beginning Lua Programming (Programmer to Programmer)
Author: Kurt Jung / Aaron Brown
ISBN: 0470069171
Publisher: Wrox
Book Binding: Paperback
Category: Computer Books: Languages
Format: PDF
Pages: 672 pages
Size: 8.46 MB
  • A small yet extraordinarily powerful programming language, Lua achieved its popularity early on as a video game scripting language and has since evolved into a general purpose programming language that is compact enough to fit on a variety of host platforms
  • This book provides programmers, game developers, and Web site developers with an in-depth look at the various aspects of programming in Lua
  • Complete code samples with practical applications and robust error handling offers beginners helpful learning tools
  • Diagrams provide a visual glimpse behind the scenes of important Lua features such as stacks, hash tables, garbage collection, lexical scope, and function closures
  • Features discussions on managing memory, garbage collection, using libraries, strings, tables, extending Lua, event handling, databases, and Web and game programming